Cons of Edith vs. Pros of Edith

  1. I am seriously contemplating this bag. I know it is heavy and a bit awkward for some. What do you love about it? What do you dislike about it? Could you add your height as well, so I know how you compare to me in size?

    I am thinking Chamois or Whiskey-if I can get ahold of one, btw. I love the classic look to the bag, and I think it would be one to wear for more than a season. Thoughts?
  2. Good choice tln! I don't think it's heavy, although perhaps it's all relative (2.4lbs). I'd say the main con is it doesn't fit comfortably over a shoulder - yes in a pinch, but it's meant to be hand-carried. Second con - the lack of outside accessible pockets if you're used to slipping things in easily (the front pocket is fully buckled, not faux). But I tend to leave mine unzipped so it's not an issue.

    Pros - gorgeous, GORGEOUS BAG that I can see loving and looking great 20 years from now!! Craftsmanship. The leather is TDF. Roomy - can fit files, mags, even a coffee thermos in if needed. I LOVE this bag and don't give a rip about the cons anymore! :love:
  3. Did it take you a bit to get over the cons, or did you love it straight away? I need a light tan bag, so I am thinking Chamois. But, I doubt you could go wrong with the whiskey, either! How did you decide on color?
  4. The bag is actually quite light IMO and the chamois is beautiful!
  5. The bag is super light - like air! Agree with Blu about the con being it isn't a comfortable fit on the shoulder (I can get it on mine for short periods of time but it is awkward and not meant to be a shoulder bag.). I also leave it unzipped but I leave all my bags unzipped. The inside pocket is plenty for me; if you don't carry a lot the lack of a fully functional outside pocket won't be an issue.

    Pros are the TDF leather of course, and Edith is timeless across the ages; this bag works for any generation.
  6. I was definitely lukewarm about it when I first got them. Each and every. I had ordered the chamois, whiskey and grey. I ended up keeping the whiskey and grey. The chamois is absolutely beautiful, the only reason why I returned her was that while I loved her, she didn't go with much in my wardrobe. Almost everything I wear is cool tones and the chamois is warmer in tone, so I traded her in for the grey. I still think about the chamois from time to time because of the leather and color being so yummy, but for my wardrobe, I know I picked the right one with going with the whiskey and grey. I would definitely do a wardrobe check prior to leaping in with any bag.

    Good luck! The Edith, I totally agree, is a bag that I could see myself using 20-40 years from now. It's definitely a classic shape and style.
  7. See, we DON'T make choices, we collect all three! (or 4 or 5...) :lol: Actually I'm thinking twice about my whiskey - looks absolutely luminous but I just don't wear those colors... looking forward to testing a cool chocolate.

    I got over the cons pretty quickly after I learned to appreciate the bag for what it IS - what stumped me at first was that the bag wasn't a paddy - not soft and gooshy - so I was scratching my head the first few days.... now I can't get enough!
  8. i love this bag. i like how roomy it is and how casual it can be. i like that it doesn't have a too old feeling and can pretty much function for anyone at any age. i don't think it's heavy (but i carried/still do sometimes a paddington and a gucci horsebit hobo), so i probably wouldn't consider much to be heavy. i like the earthy neutral color tones they've chosen for it. and i also love how i feel this bag goes beyond being trendy. oh, and i'm 5' 7".
  9. Do you have the medium size, then? Is it true that the Chamois has a pinkish undertone, or is it different for each bag? As I looked at the photos of Roo's return, the undertone looks yellowish to me, so I am wondering....
  10. tln,

    The medium is also called the small Edith. The bag I had looked like the color of whitewashed pine. I would not consider it pinkish, at least not in my opinion.
  11. My chamois definitely had the pinkish tone that just did not come out in pictures. That's one thing that turned me off to it, if it kept the sand-colored hue, I would have definitley kept it. It looked exactly like my skin.
  12. I didn't see pink in the medium chamois I returned - it was definitely more of a sand color. But I only had it long enough to view it in indoor lighting only, not on a sunny day or under florescent light.
  13. This thread is absolutely AMAZING :yes: Could you imagine guys sitting around discussing the undertones of their Chamois bag? :roflmfao::yahoo:
  14. I find the Edith absolutely perfect for me. The bag is so darn classy, so rich, roomy, and full of style with a classic design. At times I miss not being able to put it over my shoulder but I have several other bags that are the same. It's not at all heavy to me. I have the whiskey and would love to have a chamois but I've spent way too much on bags in the last few months. :rolleyes: The pros beat out the cons on this bag; my biggest problem is that I'm only carrying it these days. :lol:
  15. The bag is just so unique ! I think it is classy and modern . I like the strong lines of the Edith . There is a lot of great slouchy (spelling) bags out there but this bag goes in a diffrent direction. I think most people are attracted to it because it is so diffrent.