Connect the Dots PART 2..Went into H to find out color name..walked out with THIS!!!

  1. Off I went to H this morning, to figure out the official color name of my new ostrich 35cm birkin that had of many of us scratching our heads. LILACH hit on the nose...CASSE BLANC is it! So much more interesting sounding than beige or light taupe!! SO there I was, chatting up the ol' SA about the rarity of this color, and as well my new rose dragee LINDY! When something suddenly jumped into my periphery, drowning out the SA's voice into white noise oblivion. She turned her head into the direction I was focused on, saw the centerpiece of my rapture, and slowly turned back to meet my eyes. We both gave a knowing grin. So w/o any further teasing or ado.....yet ANOTHER Christmas (kind of!) addition to the family...I think she needsnot an intro!
    Yes, a bit indulgent...but who could resist???:shame:
  2. OK....quick specs in case you can't see the contrast right away. 32 cm gold kelly souple with potiron piping and inside lining...GOLD hardware!! OOOOOOO I love this bag!
  3. Congratulations!!
  4. Oh my gosh! How fantastic! The potiron is so subtle! I love it!! You lucky lucky thing!
  5. Congrats! You definitely got some MAJOR additions this holiday season!
  6. goodness gracious! you scored ANOTHER fabulous bag!

    ConGrAtulAtionS !!!
  7. Gorgeous bag, enjoy!!!
  8. Congrats!!

    Your on a roll!
  9. STUNNING KELLY! Wow! Congratulations! What a find! Merry Christmas!

    ...and what a treasure we have in Lilach! :flowers:
  10. OMG Beautiful!!! Terrific Score!! Timing is everything:tup:
  11. baboombaby you are on a roll i just love bicolors congrats my dear :flowers:
  12. GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I love the contrast lining!!!!!
  13. Wow! Scored again?! You go girl! Congratulations.
  14. another touch down! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    you keep scoring big time my dear...congratulations!
  15. what a timeless classic choice! congrats!