Connect the dots!!!! And a little "flying lesson"!

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  1. No to get back to the family. Merry Christmas All! Latest additions to the clan....35cm Ostrich Birkin GHW COLOR NAME? And the "flying lesson"....30cm lindy Rose dragee (I think, have never seen IRL):yahoo::yahoo:
  2. So beautiful Congratulations!! wow :tup::tup:

  3. the lighting is bad on hardware on birkin looks silver! the ostrich is a beige-ish color. i guess that's what 6:30 am in the morning natural light looks like! (kids could not wait!)
  4. How wonderful! Congrats! I love the title of this thread too! Lovely, lovely presents! Have a happy!
  5. :nuts: Absolutely Magificent:heart::heart::heart:
  6. Love you cftf for no teaser! :tup:Absolutely fabulous bags, both of them! They are so tender :tender:
  7. Definitely one of the most gorgeous bags I've ever seen!! :love:

    ETA: oops, there are two bags! I was talking about the ostrich one... It's amazing!
  8. The rose dragée Lindy is also stunning!
  9. Manifique! Congrats!!!
  10. They're both MAJOR!!! Especially the Ostrich!!!
  11. I'm loving your Lindy!

    Congrats on both bags!
  12. Congrats!!!! Beautiful bags!!!
  13. Congrates! What is the official name of the color of ostrich Birkin?
  14. That ostrich is gorgeous!!! Love the Lindy too!!!

  15. Yummy!! Enjoy!