1. just wanted to say congrats to our new mods, i know you'll keep this place organized and spam free :biggrin:
  2. Thanks! :shame:

    Time to kick some spammer butt :nuts:
  3. Thank you JJ
  4. :lol: Congrats!
  5. thanks! we'll show those spammers who's boss...

    and the girls that don't use the 'search' feature before making the 1000th bergacci thread....but we'll be nicer to them.

    maybe ;)
  6. LOL Amanda! I've had a hard time sitting on my fingers on those threads too! LMAO!

  7. Thank you; I am very happy to be able to help this site since I spend so much of my time here.
  8. You go girls! :nuts:
  9. Congrats! And thank you for doing this. :biggrin:
  11. I'd like to say thank you to all the new moderators .... your time and attention devoted to the PF is appreciated ....:P
  12. :smile: yaaaaaay. congrats ladies, Im sure you will be super fab.
  13. Yep, a big congrats to all of you!!! We will prob need more mods in the future, this site continues to grow!!!

    Kicking SPAM's butt is a lot of fun (but lets make sure we still let Vlad think he is in charge :amuse:)

  14. Of course :nuts: He has a way with making funny edits to their posts :biggrin:
  15. It is one of his passions!! Believe it or not, I'd venture to say that he spends more time on here than me lately!