Congratulations Newbaglover!!

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  1. the Emilia and the Tilly made the top two designs in the contest!!

    We must mobilize on the Emilia's behalf!!

    Congratulations to No Cute, too!! I am shocked the Trudy didn't make the top two, actually. I really want one!!
  2. Congrats NBL!

    I am very surprised about Trudy too! It was a great design.
  3. I'm so happy for you Newbaglover! I can't wait to see your design realized.

    NoCute, you may just need to become a bag designer! There are too many of us who WANT that design of yours!
  4. Ignes cannot stop me from ordering the Trudy. I just won't take no for an answer.

    But!! We will first have to focus our thoughts and send brainwaves around the world to make sure people vote for the Emilia so we have a companion hobo for the Josephine!
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    Last edited: Jan 30, 2009
    Yay! Congratulations to Newbaglover! That's just awesome!!! She won't know until tonight? Oh no!

    Lol...Euridice is still ordering a Trudy. I am SO curious how they would handle the pleats. Thanks for your kindness. I am a bit disappointed, of course, but I am so NOT surprised to see Emelia up there!
  6. I was wondering if people would be like, ooh, blue! and vote for the colored-in sketch. Of course, it's a cute design, but I had thought the Ignes designer was going to work with everyone to execute the design sketches. My theory is that the blue swayed people into not seeing how gorgeous Trudy is.

    Hey, I hope that the CJ and Tilly designers will join us on TPF!! Both designs were great. I'm honestly not dissing Tilly.
  7. That would be fun to have them join!

    I thought the same...the Ignes designers would execute designs based on the final ones. If I'd known my crummy pic would go up, I'd have thought twice for sure.
  8. I think the Emilia will win. I'm voting for it. The other bag has too many pockets in the front.
  9. Congrats, NBL!!

    I am floored that the tilly was a finalist. The front design has way too much going on and reminds me of cheaper under $100 bags, IMO.
  10. No cute, you made the finals which is no small feat! A necessary part of being a designer is to get your ideas rejected. :smile: Happens to me all the time...
  11. Congratulations Newbaglover, nicely done!
  12. Oh, No Cute, it was NOT crummy. I thought you did well- nothing to be embarrassed about!

    LL- I am not keen on the Tilly either from the sketch. Perhaps the model will be better, but it does not now.
  13. So very happy for newbaglover and cannot believe we know hours before she can. Does anyone have her phone number? :yahoo:

    You're so right. I'm not really disappointed to be done now, just disappointed not to see the pleats, but that's different, ya know? I didn't expect to get to this exciting point, so I'm very happy.
  14. ^ I have her email, but I know Ignes would have already emailed her... hope she finds out soon!
  15. Me too. She's been so excited about her design for so long!!! I can't wait to hear her response!