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  1. [​IMG]

    I wish nothing but happiness and never ending love for you and your husband (YAY!! I get to address him as that now!!). You are such an amazing woman, and he is so very lucky to have you as his wife!! I hope you two are enjoying your honeymoon!! Congrats again sweetie!!


    Missie and the rest of tPF!!

  2. Congratulations to you, HEAT97. All the best to you and your husband.
  3. Congratulations, heat97!!! Good luck & I hope your honeymoon will be a blast!! :dothewave:
  4. Congratulations Heat97!:woohoo::happydance::wlae:
  5. CONGRATS Sweetie!! Have a Blissful marriage!!..
  6. A big congrats!! Best wishes for both of you. Missie, that picture is so pretty!
  7. best wishes for a happy future together!
  8. Congratulations!!!!
  9. Congratulations heat97, have a wonderful life!
  10. Hooray! Best wishes!!!
  11. congratulations!!!
  12. congrats!!
  13. Congrations!!
  14. I know!! It makes me wanna break outta my diet and take a bite of some CAAAAAKE!!
  15. :lol: