Congrats Val!! (QueenofDa702)

  1. :yahoo:YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!:yahoo:

    You're only at about 4 more posts away from hitting 3,000 posts!! Congrats! I just wanted to say thank you for all your participation on this forum! You're always such a good source of advice and you're just such a sweetheart in general!! Thank you for all that you do here on tPF!! I love you girl!! :heart::heart:
  2. Well done QoD702! I love your dry sense of humour and, unlike me, you can speak up. The thing I love about that, though, is that you're never disrespectful or unnecessarily rude - I can't stand people who are like "I don't care what people think, if I have something to say, I'm gonna say it" and they think it gives them license to be rude at any occasion. I think it makes all the difference. Keep it up and here's to another 3000!
  3. YIPPPEEEE!!! Congrats Queen~~
  4. Yay Val :yahoo:Congrats hun, I look forward to reading 3 thousand more!
  5. Woooo!

    Congrats my partner in crime LOL! ;)

    Congratulations sweetie! :heart:

  6. Congratz Queen!
  7. Leave me alone then. :lol:

    Keep up the good work Val. :tup:
  8. YAY Val!!!!
  9. Congrats!! Love to read your comments!
  10. Congrats Val!
  11. Hi Val (Missie doesn't talk to me anymore, ROFL :p)!!! Congrats!!!! And here's to many more :drinkup:

    :love: love you!!!!
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  13. :dothewave:
  14. GO QUEEN! Congrats!
  15. Yes! Congrats, Val! Love all your posts!