Congrats to any Florida fans out there, from a Georgia fan

  1. on any other day of my life, i would sooner be spat upon than say something nice about the University of Florida, it's fans, or their jean shorts, but y'all made every fan of SEC football proud tonight with your performance, and i applaud you.

    teams like Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Southern Cal get all kinds of sexual favors from the American sports media and you guys proved that the best football in the country, bar none, is played in the South, whether or not anyone wants to admit it. Hopefully, this means that the BCS will no longer overlook the teams that play in the toughest conference in the nation every weekend (undefeated Auburn in '04, anyone?) in favor of teams in conferences where the defenses play like schoolgirls in high heels (Pac-10, anyone?).

    so once again, congratulations on an outstanding victory, and to any current University of Florida students, lay out of class tomorrow and have a beer tonight for me.

    Go Dawgs, and Go Gators.
  2. just found out about it as well... congrats to the Gator fans....
  3. A well deserved victory - congrats!
  4. Yeaaahhhh, Gators! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
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  6. Well said Amanda...ever think of going into writing?^^
  7. So sorry Megs and Vlad. I thought Ohio was going to win for sure, esp. after that opening run back.
  8. whoo hoo YAY!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  9. :yahoo: :party:
  10. Florida deserved to win last night, plain and simple. Does not change the fact that Ohio State put up amazing numbers and amazing games all season- along with much of the Big 10.
  11. Gooooooo GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!