Congrats on the new theme!

  1. Omg I cannot get over it, I LOVE your new layout! You always upgrade pb and then tPF, he he. It was surely to follow.

    You (or just Vlad??? :smile:) are a mastermind design genius!

    I want a genius coder husband/SO(-to-become-husband = KEEPER!), but I'll take any jobbed sweet, nice guy. I'm ALMOST old-fashioned. LOL.

    I've been super busy and prepping for my Spring Break trip, so I'll be mostly gone next week, too. (But my BFF visits his sword forum and we switch and I visit here, I vaca with him, so we'll visit! I wonder if he'll just die at the layout lol jk I'm the designer!) So yeah anyway I've been GONE! Ahh. And I still need to put up an LV in the Marketplace. ANYWAY (ooh too excited) I'll REALLY love visiting now! LOL.

    Nice job with the sidebar ads, too. And everything's uber-customized. It's my dream. (I'm too nice lolols)

    This is so funny because I'd worked the whole week to put up a fantabulous new layout at Pursed Lips. (My BFF inspired me because he loves the domain name, lips = talking = blog.)

    Ooh I just want to eat it. He he.

    Ok that's enough! TTYL.