congrats on sub-forum

  1. Hi there

    can I just say congrats on the sub-forum (I am not into Tokidoki but alas :yahoo:for tokidoki fans!) - I was honestly wondering when this would happen :yes:
  2. Thanks! We're certainly enjoying our space. :biggrin:
  3. most definantly, I know we were totally taking over the board for a while!!
  4. this is great!
  5. Thank you! Now we can all make sure we don't miss any new Tokidoki threads- sometimes it was hard to find stuff in the general handbags & purses section.
  6. That's super's way easier to see everything here. Plus it seems like my computer works faster w/out sorting through all the other threads!! :yahoo: I :heart: ROCKS!!
  7. me too! WOW tokilicious jenny- do you realize you have over 1,000 posts?? way to go! :graucho:
  8. Congrats Tokidoki fans! I was waiting for TPF to add a subforum for you all! :yahoo:
  9. Thanks, right...I didn't realize...I am a true post-aholic now!!!

    Thanks Gee...we :heart: our new home!! :love: