Congo MM

  1. Is this bag new? I WANT IT! I just saw it on the LV website!!

    Gorgeous bag. :heart:
  2.'s a new!! It's not bad I will say..=)
  3. Yes it's one of the newly released bags once called Outdoors or something. Comes in PM, MM, GM, I think Jill has one in the PM size...? Or MM?? Or...uhh GM??? LOL
    Saw them IRL, not really feeling the mesh at the front though!
  4. Yes it is brand new...I was actually looking at it at the Louis Vuitton inside Bloomingdale's at SCP and I would get it if it weren't for the mesh on the front.
  5. Yes! Jill does have one! Let me find pics-
  6. Jill's Congo PM- purchased in Aruba for $860:
  7. i saw MM in real life,it does nothing for me though....
  8. not on my wish list, but its an OK bag. the golden mesh reminds me of Burberry Prorsum.
  9. I have the PM SIZE.Its super cute.The best thing is the removable interior lining..Its a great additiion!
  10. i love it , looks tropical!
  11. Not keen on the mesh

  12. Me neither... this bag doesn't real light my fire if you know what I mean... :p
  13. Cute bag! :smile:
  14. not sure about the mesh.
  15. What's the thought and inspiration behind this line!? :confused1: