Congo Leather

  1. Congo Leather is not available online. Is it still available in Mulberry boutiques or has it been discontinued? I just saw a lovely black congo Bayswater. Thanks!
  2. OOoo, don't know,but I'm sure one of the other ladies will xxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. I don't know the answer either but if you call one of the Mulberry stores I am sure they can give you info.

    My experience is - Mulberry assistance is great even over the phone. If they don't know the answer they will get back to you quick.
  4. There are some bags available in congo. The best place for them are the outlets but you need to be in the UK.
  5. Ok,just spoke to a lady at the Shepton Mallet factory shop,congo leather is large uniform squares polished and they are'nt doing it anymore. (always wondered what it was!)
  6. They are doing something similar though, which they are calling printed leather.....if you go to and look under briefcases, the Parker, new Oscar & the portfolios are very reminiscent of congo leather.

    Also some east/west bayswater are in the new printed leather with a combination of larger and smaller is the Brompton & Mulberry's this season despatch bags, plus various purses as well......I really love this print, congo and the newer versions, one of my faves.
  7. Saw a indigo blue printed Bayswater at SM which looked very much like the congo leather used to. I've a couple of bags in congo and they have held up really well.
  8. I've seen some of the new printed bags,but I have to say I'm loving the thought of congo, sounds very chic and retro!!!
  9. I had a bifold wallet in ivory congo ages ago, I'm positive they still do it, it's such a lovely and unusual leather! Not sure about bags, but wallets for sure.