Congo and Printed Question

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  1. Are they the same thing?
  2. I honestly don't know!!! I think they are different but i'm sure someone far more knowledgeable will tell us!
  3. Is Congo leather what printed leather used to be called? :shrugs:
  4. Think it's the other way round. Congo bags are the older bags. The newer ones are called printed.
  5. I obviously know nothing because I always thought congo was a name for Mulberry's croc style printed leather.
  6. .....and now they just call it printed???????:confused1:
  7. They don't look same at all.
  8. My little congo bag is very stiff. I have seen the recent printed leather bags and they don't feel as thick.
    Could be the difference in Darwin and NVT though and Mulberry could have just made the leather thinner and changed the name.
  9. no congo is thinner leather and more uniform large squares whereas printed is heavier and varigated patterned that looks more natural . I prefer printed/patterened.
  10. Maybe my bag is printed then.
  11. which bag is it Lady C ?
  12. Oh you know, I'm so glad that somebody asked this because I've been thinking the same thing!

    I'm sure that the Bays and E/W Bays that were at Bicester on Sunday were Congo Leather but somebody described them as Printed Leather.

    What can I say? I'm easily confused!
  13. Printed is the new name for kenya leather. As congo isn't made anymore, only for the outlets, they either call that printed too, or they incorrectly call it reptile.
  14. I think that Congo varied. I have a fine leather purse, quite old, and a thicker leather Bays (which is as stiff as a board) from just before Congo was discontinued.
  15. Jenova you're right, congo bags from the 80's & 90's were much thicker, around 2002 the congo leather produced was definitely thinner but could have been because of the styles they were bringing out suited a thinner version of congo.