Congac mabel vs pebble mabel

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  1. I need help...:confused1:

    Should i buy the Congac or the pebble regular Mabel??
  2. When do you want to carry this bag?
    Are you looking for an all season bag or a winter bag or summer bag?
    What colours do you wear?
    Which one do you instinctively prefer??
  3. I'm looking for a all season bag, i think... Love my metallic mabel but in my opinion it is a winter bag...
    I would say the congac instinctively, but i think the pebble is very nice because it stands out.
    I wear a lot (!) of black and sometimes grey or brown and i love loud prints with a lot of colour.
    I also like the Mitzy Messenger from the new season i'm going crazy, just don't know what to choose!
  4. i think they are both wonderful bags but cognac may be a better option in terms of versitality - and the saddle is gorgeous!
  5. I guess the cognac is probably more of an all rounder & might only look a little heavy in the absolute height of summer when pebble would come into its own.
    They are both great colours - go with the one that tweaks your heart!
  6. I've seen cognac on someone IRL and it really stood out, I haven't seen pebble in real life on someone else so not sure which is more striking, I love my pebble, but I also think Cognac is beautiful. Sorry it hasn't been much help.
  7. Thanks for the advise!! Still don't know yet...
    Do you think if the Saddle leather is going to scratch a lot??
  8. Sterre, the one I saw on a lady in Denmark was incredibly damaged but I don't know whether this was just because she didn't look after it or not?

    Pebble will scratch a lot though but it does blend back in.
  9. I just hate it if you see scatches... I saw the chocolate in saddle Irl in a shop and it had scratches already.... didn't like it, bought a chocolate roxy;)
  10. my choc saddle mabel has scratched already - but apparently it does blend back in!? lets hope so
  11. Sterre, based on the colours you wear, the sensible part of me says you should go for the Cognac.

    However, I REALLY love my pebble Mabel. I've been wearing it already and I don't feel it is a summer only bag.

    Sorry, that probably doesn't help you make your decision!
  12. Nice choice :smile:

    Since scratches bother, have you considered looking for a mabel in goatskin, think they did this in black, and definitely in red but so hard to source, goatskin is incredibly durable as a leather, think its my favourite from Mulberry, although I do love pebble antiqued but then the scratches don't worry me with it.

    It's a tough one, do you like any of the new range at all?
  13. I have the large black mabel in goatskin and really love the leather!!
    From the new range i like the Mitzy Messenger in oak and the Mabel hobo in black (cannot/will not pay full price for this one though...)
    Also like the a4 roxanne tote in oak!
  14. Ah I see! Sorry I'm chatting to you in 2 different threads LOL - okay so you have one in black already, I guess you are looking for a change in colour perhaps?

    Mitzy is pretty isn't it? But it is quite a high price for a messenger, considering messengers were selling for around £195 last year and then upped a bit to £250, I guess the justification is there is more leather. Eitherway, perhaps we'll see them on sale later on through different websites.

    I can vouch for the a4 roxy as being a superb bag, it is my favourite at the minute, and leather is very good too but people tend to love it or hate it.
  15. Hi, I wold say cognac - based on the colours you wear. The saddle leather is gorgeous, I think actually I am about to fall off the sofa....