Confusion w/ Betty sizing???

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  1. here are two pictures of Carmen w/ what looks to be like the same bag. Can we tell what size this is? Below the pictures are two auctions for Chloe bettys (not mine) on eBay w/ both listed as the med size but there is an obvious difference in size. Can Chloe experts what each size is? One seems to retail for $1970 and the other for $1800. which one costs what?


    HEre are the eBay auctions:

  2. That confirms it for me, the chocolate is the large, I have that size.....Carmen's is the medium like the tan one in your pictures, it is a little taller just like Carmen's. Thanks for the pictures, that was bugging me. Carmen's is def. a newer size/style Betty.
  3. The first one is the large that retails for $1970 and the second is the med. which retails for about $1790
  4. Does the medium betty fit comfortably over the shoulder? I love it, but find a bag that doesn;t fit on my shoulder comfortably is not use to me. I need two hands free!
  5. I have the large and use it on my shoulder, the straps are flat and comfortable...
  6. I have the medium and it fits comfortably over my shoulder. However, the bag is quite heavy to be honest.
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