confusion Tortoise Keyfob

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  1. I thought these were discontinued and you couldn't find them. Why are these in the outlets again ? I haven't seen them but my outlet said they had them when I called. Is it possible they are referring to a different keyfob with a turtle. I asked her and she said the aqua one, any info ? Thanks
  2. its the same turtle keyfob. i saw them at my outlet a few days ago. i was going to get one cause i wanted one for a long time and was surprised to see them cause i was told about a month ago JAX didn't have them anymore. But i saw them at the outlet and it's going for $24. It was at the Las Americas Outlet in San Diego.
  3. I bought one the other day and it's the same exact one I bought last year and misplaced. I was SOOO happy to find one there!
  4. I bought the turtle at the outlet a week or so ago... $24.
  5. Thank you ! I am really excited about this keyfob. I have wanted it for a while.
  6. Same keyfob. Saw it today at an outlet on my trip. ALMOST bought him but resisted.
  7. I want one.
  8. It is the same. They're all over on eBay now too.
  9. I just bought this last weekend at the outlet!!
  10. I want one SO bad but I won't be able to get to an outlet. :crybaby:
  11. me, too. if he would have been $9.99 he would have been mine.
  12. i have this one, but i didnt know it was discontinued, though as there are a fair few on ebay! I love toitle, I think it is good the outlets have them again, spread the toitle love and avoid resorting to ebay :biggrin:
  13. It's my favorite key fob...if you don't have one, you should grab him from the outlet!
  14. Hopefully my shopper will come through I will have that and the ladybug on Monday.
  15. I saw them at my outlet, too. I wonder if when JAX said they were out, if they meant they had already been cleared from JAX and sent to the outlets?