Confusion over zucca spy bag handles...

  1. Thanx to you savy sisters, I've become OBSESSED with the Fendi Zucca Spy. I'm just sittin' here tryin' to find more pix of it. I'm seein' some pix of the zucca spy with woven handles and some with the tortoise handles. Are the woven handled zucca spys an older version? Any and all responses appreciated. Thanx girls!:flowers:
  2. Hi Katgrrl I thought authentic Zucca spy's only came with tortoise shell handles. I think the baby Zucca comes with woven handles. I might be wrong but the only Zucca full size spy's I have seen in shops all have tortoise handles.
  3. I saw three Zucca spys today at different stores (now I desperately want one) and they all had tortoise handles. Also saw the baby Zucca spy (or maybe it was the hobo version) and it had woven handles. Sure love these bags!
  4. The regular zucca spies have the tortuga handles and the baby ones have the braided handles!!!:yes: There is someone selling a regular zucca spy on ebay with braided handles- UGH!!!!!!!!!
  5. Thanx girls. I knew I could count on ya :smile:
  6. Small Zucca - Woven handles
    Big Zucca - Tortoise handles

    Also, just an FYI: The latest/newest Zucca Spy's handles are more darker. I've attached the older and newer version of Zucca Spy.

    A (older)

    B (newer)

    Hope that helps :yes:
  7. The authentic regular sized spys only come with tortuga handles. Only the fakes (regular size) come with braided handles. :lol: The fakers can never get it right.
  8. :sos: Girls, I'm gettin' desperate and ridiculous and I need your help! Please, talk me outta doin' something REALLY stupid! I swore I'd never get another frickin' fake bag cos I don't like to waste money and the fake bags have a shelf life of only a few months. Another reason I don't want a fake is cos I'll be givin' these bags to my daughter when she's old enough and can appreciate nice bags as much as I do.

    Anywho, I saw two women with...erm, faux Spys. One was this really cute Asian chick. Her bag was orange and brown and pleather :throwup:. Hey, if it makes her happy... Then, just this morning as I was coming in to work, I saw this tall, chic blonde with my Zucca! But, it wasn's my Zucca. It had woven handles:wtf: ! Where I work, I'm used to seein' women with authentic handbags and I suck when it comes to hiding what I'm thinkin' so the shock must've been all over my face. Hopefully, she didn't notice. But, the bag was gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm actually thinkin' of gettin' the faux Zucca spy until I can save enough to get the real one. It's gonna take a while with Christmas comin' up n' all. But, I'll be darned if I don't have a real one by next summer. I just got a Miu Miu Coffer for my birthday last month. I don't see why I can't just enjoy this bag until I get the authentic Spy. Just impatient, I guess (note to self... Stop chasing morning cup of coffee with Red Bull). And you all with your beautiful Spies are only makin' it worse! :cursing: Thanks a lot, girls:rolleyes:

    Long story short, should I get the faux spy until I get the real one or should I just wait? What do you guys think? I know I'm gonna be crucified for even using the word "fake" here, but I'M DESPERATE! My desire for this bag is chipping away at my sanity!
  9. My honest opinion....please don't get the fake....

    I am not 100% sure, but I got my Cognac Spy and baby zucca(the real name is baulotto satchel or something) w/ chocolate brown spy at South Coast Plaza and I think I saw a regular spy w/ both braided handles and tortuga handles....Maybe what that girl was carrying...was not fake...

    I think Spy is one of those bags that you can so easily tell if it's fake or not 'cause of the NAPA LEATHER....(bubble effect)....they can never make the fake ones w/ the Napa leather 'cause it's what makes the bag so expensive....they make the fake ones in vinyl or regular cheap leather that doesn't have so much of that natural -napa leather texture......

    I have seen many fake ones...and they scream out loud that they are fake...
    and they still cost couple hundread dollars.....

    If I were you, I would put it toward your SPY budget...;)
    Or how about getting a authentic used one on E-bay that's still in really good condition? (I would do alot of research on the seller before I make the purchase though)

    Anyways..what ever you decided to do, good luck...:smile:

    P.S.By the way, how do you like your coffer? I have ordered mine at on line and it's back ordered till Dec. 7....and I am still waiting!!!! ( i have ordered the brown suede)
  10. Thank you Rayrayray, you're so right about the spy leather. It's so...thick. Looks very, VERY sturdy and beautiful. I'm keepin' an eye on eBay. It's easy to spot a fake by the leather, but I hope it won't be a seller with an authentic bag in the photos but sends out fakes.

    I Love the coffer. I'll tell ya something... There are times when I wish I'd gotten the Spy instead. But, when I'm out shopping, I'm glad I got the Coffer 1st. For instance, I was out shoppin' this past Saturday, had a lot of bags. Took the Coffer off my shoulder (I like to wear it on my shoulder with the short, braided strap) and carried it messenger style. Didn't have to worry about it slipping off my shoulder. It's just so convenient! And the two outer pockets are ROOMY! You're gonna love this bag!
  11. Ray to the 3rd, I've come to my senses. No fake Spy for me! I'm gonna pay close attention to eBay n' try to get a used AUTHENTIC one there. I see a seller with great feedback sellin' a used one. I'm gonna bid for it.

    Thanks! :yes:
  12. Glad you decided on the real thing. I just wanted to add that the fakes WILL fall apart! I have had fakes in the past and never could keep one more than a few months.