CONFUSION on skin tone code!!

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  1. apparantely i am so confused about the skin shade coding!!
    in Mac i was told if you haf pinky beige skin you should be Warm undertone and if you're yellow/olive undertone you are Cool undertone....
    but then in some other brands when i tell them im yellow olive undertone tell would suggested me to go for warm undertone shade which their cool undertone shade are more neutral/pinky liked....

    so here my confusion grows....
    is that different brands have different colour/shade codings or is it just the SA made it wrong? coz i thought the Mac system is the so called 'standard' one...everybody is using it as an sample/ which is Warm which is Cold....fair or olive, pink or yellow...anyone could help????

    thanksss xoxoxox:heart:
  2. This confuses me aswell... im interested to hear a reply aswell..