Confusion on LV Murakami 2003 post

  1. Thanks for the replies. However, I was not clear enough with my question. My reference was not to the regular multicolor white/ black bags that were introduced in 2003. My reference is to the Limited Edition , numbered, Murakami that were introduced with the spring collection 2003. I remember seeing the same one as my daughter has in a collection, but cannot remember where.Question? Are you still carryiny your Limited Edition Murakami's are have they been put away for a later day?:yes:
  2. The MC Eye collection?

    "The Eye Love You Retro bag is one of four exclusive, ultra-limited special edition bags produced by Murakami. Along with the Eye Dare You, Eye Need You, and the Eye Miss You bags~~this rare and numbered edition beauty showcases the heart of Takashi Murakami's work: The Eye. Only 1,000 white and 1,000 black were made worldwide."



  3. Eye Love You Retro

  4. That's the only one I know of..and I don't think many people on this forum have anything from that line. I know Irene has one..and I have a black scarf. Otherwise, that's about it.
  5. She is maybe talking about the Cherry Blossom line, it came out right before the Multicolore line in the spring 2003.
  6. Okay, stupid question here: what's the difference? I honestly can't tell! btw, the Eye Dare You only came in white and only 100 were made. :flowers:
  7. I have an Eye Love You Retro, and yes, I carry it.

  8. I can't really tell the different between those eyes except for the bag style of each eye. :hysteric:
  9. I have these two (Eye Miss You and Eye Need You) and carry them as well. Not too often because they don't really fit a lot.
  10. Thanks, again for your replies. My daughter has the EYE MISS YOU in white, number 42. She also still carries her bag , but not a lot because you are correct it does not hold a lot. Being number 42 in a thousand makes this a very special edition.