Confusion about the Part-Time bags

  1. I'm so confused about the Part-Time bags. Do they have zippers hanging out like the City?

    In some of the pictures on this forum they do have zippers like the City, but in other pictures they don't.

    Are there 2 different types of this bag, or do people post on the forum with fake bags? If so...Which ones are authentic?:shrugs:
  2. As far as i know the part-timer does have zipper like the City.:smile:
  3. Yes! The PART TIME has zippers like the CITY. You can leave it hanging out but some people prefer tucking it in...maybe that's why you've seen 2 different "looks"

  4. There is a gold one on the "Pictures of you with your bag" thread and it looks like it is sewn up at the end of the zipper area--like a work or weekender style zipper situation.

    :confused1: Is it because it is in a metallic? Are the metallics done differently than the non-metallics?:confused1:
  5. Hmm, I just took a look at it...and you're right. It's really odd, I've never seen the PART TIME with zippers like the Work and Weekender....perhaps it's from a few seasons ago and they first came out like that?
  6. I just don't know? But THANK YOU for posting the picture of your bag:love: GORGEOUS!!!! I love the color and the leather is amazing. Very chic.
  7. You're welcome. I hope someone can clarify the confusion because now I myself have gotten confused!:confused1: :confused1: :confused1:

    BTW, that Part time in Blue India is NOT my's a pic from Ateliernaff. I do, however, own a Part Time in Camel:

  8. If anyone is interested there is a Natural 07 Parttime w/ GH at Tyson's in Virginia.. (just though i'd post since i know there are people looking for the City version and they are so simular..)
  9. ooh! ooh! what colour is this? is this true to real life? my BI first is arriving this afternoon and i have not seen one in real life. i like this one.

  10. i think i just saw the answer, BI from ateliernaff's site...? :tender:

  11. If you mean the picture of Deco's gold PT, I think its just that she tucks the zipper ends into the bag, so you can't see them. The PT was new last season, and hasn't changed in appearence as far as I can tell, so I think this is probably it.
  12. See that's what I thought, too. But Part Time's have little gaps on each end so the zipper can flap around...but her gold metallic is sewn in like a Work bag if you look closer. And when did they do a metallic part time? Guess it's a limited edition.
  13. WOW!!! I really like that BI Part Time... darn, I may have an additional to my wishlist....
  14. what is the difference between a city and part time, Is the part time short in height compared to the city? thanks i'm a newbie to all this b-bag stuff.. and just learning. I've already told my b/f that the next bag is *B* no more lv's for me(I have one that i'm eyeing but it might get back seat to the b-bag)
  15. The part time and city are identical except for the size..the part time is a little longer, shorter and wider 15x10x3.5 or so...