Confusion about sizes of batignolles

  1. Please correct me if I am wrong. There are 2 types of batignolles: horizontal and vertical.

    Here's the question......are there 2 sizes of the VERTICAL?

    I am interested in a vertical on eBay from a mypoupette seller that I have purchased from before and she has been mentions on the threads before, so I'm not doubting that it is authentic or not.

    She is insisting that the measurements are 5.5" deep 9" tall and 10.5" wide but it looks so much bigger in her photos.

    Plus, to make me even more confused, eluxury and louis vuitton have different measurements as well.

    You guys are the experts, set me straight. Are there 2 different sizes of vertical?

    What are the measurements of YOUR Vertical.
  2. There are three batignolles.

    THE BATIGNOLLES which is basically a handheld

    The BATIGNOLLES VERTICAL which is a shoulderbag that is North/South

    The BATIGNOLLES HORIZONTAL which is a shoulderbag that is East/West and the largest of the three.