confusion about sizes for the luxe line

  1. I have the latgr mettelic bowler and went to Chanel here in NYC to see the difference between the large, medium and small. The SA told me there is no medium and small but a small one, which is very long - as long as the large) and not very high (think Wiener) :graucho: ...then the medium, which looks so much smaller than the large and the large one, which I have.
    So many of you have the medium and on the pics at least it does not look as tiny as the one she showed me in the now I am confused:blink: . Is there something in between or do the medium and large ones just differ sooo much in size?
    Tomorrow is the last day I can make an exchange so I would love some input from the experts. The "medium" I saw was way too small for me but in some pics it looks much bigger. Hmmmm. I can post a photo of mine but would love some input or some measurements. Please help as I love mine but it is a little big and if there should be a size in between I'd rather go for that.
  2. I *think* there's really 4 sizes.
    The taco - which no one at my Chanel will call the small because it's longer than the Med but not as tall - TOTALLY looks like a taco!
    Then, there's the favorite Med that everyone here favors.
    A large, then a bigger one similar to a weekender.

    The Med is by no means small, it's not a huge bag, but not small.
  3. The price of the medium is $2160. That's the one everyone here favors. So check price tags instead of sizes.
  4. I called Chanel and they say there are 2 sizes. the small, which is long and not that high...yes, looks like a taco, the medium and the large. I will go to the store now and check the prices. I hope they have some left because the Chanel boutique called me 4 times to see if I will return mine (I got an extension on their 14 day return policy) as they messed up with the waiting list and now they are oversold and out of bags....very strange. But thanks...the medium they showed me was half the size of mine for $200 less...weird...will post later.