Confusion about Silverado, help!

  1. so i'm trying to do my research about silverados because they are really starting to grow on me and i think i need to have one now!
    i'm a little confused about the sizes though, seems there are a few different ones, and also the color. the one i'm looking at right now is from where i bought my first paddy - here's the link to it. CHLOE - Silverado Bag (Muscade) - - Import Brand Shop

    it says the color is muscade, but there is another Silverado S Bag listed as muscade that looks much darker - can anyone help with this? also, what is the size of just the regular silverado, not the mini and not the tote because i believe diabro listed them wrong. i'm going to contact them and ask but i thought maybe someone who actually has this bag could help, thank you!!:yes:
  2. I can't answer your question about the colors, but I think the Silverado S is a smaller bag than the regular Silverado.

    The prices on those Silverados are amazing - I just got one in black/silver for $600 including shipping, and I'm going to return the black/silver one I got from Nordstrom (I could never get over the used lip gloss box that was inside it, anyhow). It saved me almost $200!:yahoo:(The Nordie's one was already a steal at $720 + tax, but I like style of the Diabro one better - it's the classic Silverado and the other is some sort of satchel from a couple of years ago.)

    The measurements on mine are (done by me, so take it with a grain of salt):

    17"L including pockets, 15" not including pockets
    7.5" H
    5" W (probably more if you really stuff it)
    7" handle drop length

    Hopefully Diabro will help you figure out the discrepancy in the colors. I called them once with a question and they were very helpful.:yes:

    Definitely go for a Silverado - they won't be around much longer!
  3. oh, thank you so much for your help! that definitely clears some things up. one more question, can you wear it comfortably on your shoulder? or is it more of a arm bag? thanks again~
  4. This one fits comfortably on my shoulder! :yahoo:

    That's another reason why I prefer it over the other one - and that's why I included the strap drop length for you. I suspect some of it depends on how "fluffy" you are or how many layers you wear, but I'm somewhat fluffy and it fits fine on my shoulder!

  5. haha, thank you again! i am really excited about getting this new bag, can't wait till it comes! i think the 7" is about the same as the paddy, but it seems like it would fit more comfortably, not as bulky or something? in any case, i'm really excited!:heart:
  6. The straps are flat rather than rounded like the Paddy straps. I think that gives you a little extra room. :yes:
  7. I have the same exact bag (muscade silverado satchel) that I just bought less than 2 weeks ago. I carry mine like many carry the LV speedy but if I'm not wearing a coat and just a thin sweater it will fit on my shoulder. I'm a bit sad that these are going to be discontinued :sad: It's a shame all the chloe talk is 90% paddy and not enough silverado. The price on diabro is good considering the bag is all leather.
  8. do we know when the silverado will be discontinued? it does seem sad, not sure why they would do that, as it seems very popular still? the paddy's are beautiful, but i think the silverado's deserve more credit! :yes:
  9. i think silverado is a great style, im thinking of getting one too!
  10. just curious, octnybride, can you post a pic of your bag, for the color, or maybe one of you wearing it, or both? ;) would love to see it in action!

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  11. I don't have one now but I will try to take one tonight and post.
  12. thanks so much, can't wait to see it! :yahoo: