Confusing Kusama!

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  1. I'm confused the red Speedy yesterday, but now I'm not sure as planning to get the Speedy B DE at some point. I've already got a Neverfull GM DE, so am consider the Kusama Neverfull. Or shall I just get a wallet? Agghh decisions! Opinions welcome!
  2. My Speedy

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  3. Go for a wallet!
    It s nice to have some diversity ;)
  4. Save for the speedy b de :smile:
  5. I love the red speedy! I also love all the Kusama, but I like a pop of color with my outfits so it works for me. I would keep the speedy!
  6. I love my red speedy, so I would vote to keep it.
  7. I don't really want to have 3 speedys though as definitely going to get the speedy i'm thinking the Kusama Neverfull MM...I have to take the Kusama speedy back to get anything else, that's the reality.
  8. love your red Kusama Speedy - keep it!
  9. LVOE it!
  10. I'm leaning towards the Neverfull now...if there are any left!
  11. I think you should get the white Neverfull :woohoo:
  12. Yes I like the white, but I have no idea of availability in London. I might go tomorrow and check.
  13. St Louis had at least one yesterday. The red is pretty, good luck deciding
  14. I'm in London, there is only one store selling Kusama at the moment. I'll go tomorrow and check.
  15. Oh... I love your YK Speedy!! The Speedy B will be around for a long while... I'd say keep anything Kusama!! It'll never come your way in the same pristine condition again... GL with your decisions!!