Confusing eBay NPB Experience...Please Read!

  1. I listed a pair of my daughter's UGG's which closed on Sept. 27; clearly stating in my auction (and invoice) that payment was due within 3 days if paying by Paypal; 7 days if paying by mail.

    O feedback buyer wins the auction, no response in 7 days, so I file a NPB.

    8 days later (yesterday) I filed for my Final Value fees (saying I no longer wished to communicate with buyer) & was credited my fees.

    Then she paid today using Paypal????

    No explanation, no kiss my a$$$, no nothing after all this time. I refunded her payment, since I frankly would rather donate the boots than sell to her at this point, but am wondering how can a NP bidder pay after a credit has been issued by eBay and a dispute closed?

    Can she still leave me neg. feedback? Can I get in trouble for being a non-performing seller?
  2. I may be wrong but I think she can't leave you fb since she didn't dispute the npb charge against her. You don't have to sell to her since you waited the full 7 days. Her loss.
  3. What's confusing is that I wasn't aware she could still pay after a final value fee had been credited. I thought that was the end of the transaction!

    And I always thought feedback couldn't be issued after the FV credit, but now I'm wondering; if she can still pay......can she still retaliate?
  4. If she didn't respond to the non-paying bidder, she can leave you a negative but it will be removed by eBay. The comment will still stay but that is it.

    I kinda agree with you, I would think she couldn't pay either after you closed the dispute and got back your FVF.......wierd.
  5. I had one of these NPB disputes against me, long story, the seller didn't have the item so filed this to get her listing fees back, the item still showed as outstanding for payment in MyEbay for a long time, despite her having refunded me. I think it would still be there today if my husband hadn't removed it.