Confusinf Paypal problem

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  1. I hope you can follow this...

    I have had a paypal account for a long time and there were 2 email addresses on it so I changed them so they were all one: account A

    Then I listed an item (face cream) and I forgot to change my account on the listing to account A and it still says account B.

    So, in the last week I sold 3 of these but the money went into account B which isn't attached to paypal. (paypal has sent me emails saying 'open an account with us and we will give you the money')

    What do I do now?

    thanks =)
  2. I am a bit confused but I am guessing you have to add that email onto paypal again. Do you still have that email?
    You need to got to your seller page and change the email for future transactions. You only need to do that once and then it will follow automatically in future...
  3. I love You!!! I just added that address to my account and all the money zoomed into my account =) I didn't think it would be that easy. Thanks so much =)
  4. No problem...:hugs:
    happy to help