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  1. plese tell me which bag should i go for the balenciaga or the dior gaucho ,cant decide
  2. Hi Umamanikam, welcome to the forum. I'm pretty sure that every girl here in the Balenciaga forum are going to tell you to get a Bal! Do you have any idea on style or colour?
  3. not yet but which color do u think will go with lots of clothes
  4. ^ well, it depends on wardrobe and what kind of colors you tend to wear.... black is generally a safe bet.
  5. Welcome,Umamanikam!
    And yes, Cal is right...I say go for the balenciaga! The leather is fabulous!
    Anyways as for colors....depends on what color you wear the most and then purchasing a color that would compliment your wardrobe.
  6. yes, we are all balenciaga die hard fans. so my vote for balenciaga
    check atelier.naff for a lot of swatches & styles
  7. how is the tan color and the grey has anyone have them
  8. can u tell me what is the city and twiggy
  9. I love the grey colour - I have one in the Day/Hobo and just adore it, such a great neutral and goes well with my wardrobe.

    The City is the medium motorcycle bag - handles and a shoulder strap. The Twiggy is not as high but is quite deep - also has 2 handles and shoulder strap. Both bags hold quite a bit and are great for everyday.
    Maybe check out the "Wearing your Bal" thread for ideas on colours and sizes.
  10. oh so get the balenciaga!
  11. b-bag....the leather is FABULOUS!
  12. I had both but I sold the Gaucho after 3 months because I wasn't using it. It had this horrible smell of the dying process which I never could get rid of. I bought another city for the Gaucho and didn't regret it a minute. IMO B-bags go with more than the Gaucho.
  13. hands down!!! GO for Balenciaga!!! But i do have a very soft spot for the Dior gaucho - but i dont think i'll ever get one!
  14. welcome! Get the Bbag. I too was thinking a few months ago about getting the Gaucho but then just stuck with the bbags. Everytime i "cheat" on Balenciaga i am never happy. Bbags are the best!
  15. which is more practical --the twiggy or the first and also which is the practical color --tan or black .
    i dont have any so cannot decide .
    tnx for all the advice really helps compared to asking ur relatves who know nothing