1. Got a question...I have two bag Im deciding two is GST and one is baby cabas...which one is better buy??????????? Need to decide this today...cuz im going to back up the bag........Advice needed:yucky:
  2. Get the GST, its a classic. The cabas probably won't be around much longer.

    But the GST is timeless.
  3. Hmm.. It really depends. Are you a structured tote girl? Or are you more of a slouchy hobo bag kinda gal. They're two completely different bags.

    I adoooore my baby cabas because of how slouchy it is and how I can just throw all my things in it without having to worry about it.

    I also love the GST, although I don't own one. It's really large when worn, and some people have complained that it's too boxy under the arm. You also have to care for the caviar leather a bit more as it does tend to crease and "mush" up at the bottom edges over time (I've seen this in person as well as here on TPF). It's a really great bag though.

    It's hard to compare since they're totally different. What kind of bag are you looking for exactly? The GST is I'd say definitely a day only kinda bag because of it's size, but the baby cabas can be transitioned into night (not special occasions though as it is also medium sized).
  4. I have the baby cabas in black and I :heart: it.

    Go for the baby cabas :tup:
  5. GST girl here - love the timeless look.
  6. I think I will get both....since baby cabas is realli hard to find...unlike GST i can get it anytime........
  7. tough call, they're both gorgeous...but I'd get the baby cabas cuz its hard to find.
  8. If you are going to get both you probably should get the baby cabas first since it is harder to find.
  9. I prefer the baby cabas, it's soo cute!!
  10. guess what guys...i have decided ...I will be picking up my baby cabas today...!!! YAPPPPPPPPPPPPIE
  11. Congratulations!!! I think the baby cabas will make you happy:smile: I have one in black and one in kakhi and I think they are wonderful bags. I love how the GST looks - it always catches my attention. But everytime I try it in the store I realize it is not the bag for me. I'm not a "structured bag" kind of person and I do find it a bit boxy under the arm as well as a bit heavy.
    Post pics please!!!
  12. congrats!!! i was just going to say go for the baby cabas :p
  13. My vote goes to the Baby Cabas. I've had both the Baby Cabas and the GST, and I definitely prefer the Baby Cabas.
  14. congrats!! I was going to say I prefer the classics BUT I LOVE the baby cabas and I would pick that over the GST.
  15. CONGRATS! i was going to say the baby cabas and u did it!!! theres not as many of the baby cabas out there as the GST, so its special. The GST is boxy, heavy, and sags over time, although it is super beautiful. I have both and I use my cabas EVERYDAY, it holds EVERYTHING and it can take you from class, to errands, to shopping to parks, etc, oh you'll love it...see how much i love it...i'm leaving you a looooonngggg reply haha =]