1. I have noticed this a lot lately. I know that it has been said that you cannot have duplicate threads. But it has also been said that you shouldn't revive an old thread and you should start a new one. So which one should we follow: continuing the older thread on the topic to prevent duplicates or start a new thread even though a thread with that topic exists?:confused1:
  2. From what I've seen, sometimes very random old threads are being brought up. A big example is in the LV forum where I spend most of my time...people have been finding purchase threads from months ago and congratulate them on their purchase. Then others join in on the congratulations too, even though they made that purchase months ago. Or "I just reached ____ posts" threads, even though the OP is now well past that number.
    I haven't seen this so much in other forums just yet, but I think it depends on the subject. If it just seems random and was dug up for no reason other than to increase post counts, then it should be closed.
    I think the problem with it though, is that most people will NOT go back to find the post of the person who revived the thread..therefore, people won't even bother reading whatever question it was that they had and will only read the post of the OP and respond to that. So the new question gets lost in the posts..kwim? I think in that case, a new thread should be brought up and possibly say something like, "I read in this thread" (and link the thread here), then continue with their question.
  3. maybe a cutoff date? if it hasn't been talked about in x amount of months, it's okay to start something new?
  4. there's not a rule so much when it comes to this.
    We don't want to over-moderate and implement a time limit, but people whould be able to tell by the content of the old thread if starting a new one is necessary or if the old one is still on topic enough to bump it back up.


    For example, if the last time a thread about Bag Borrow and Steal was 2 months ago, it's safe to bet it's appropriate to bump it back up as opposed to starting the 12th thread about it.

    99% of the time, our issue w/ duplicates is one person will start the same thread in a few different sub-Forums.
    Or someone will ask the same question/make the same comment about something as someone else recently did.
  5. I just wish people would look at original dates...we have had a couple threads in the celeb section commenting on hairstyles from 2005, LOL.
  6. LMAO! I missed that!

    The funny thing is, it's usually newbies w/ an ulterior motive that bump up old random threads. . . they don't realize this just calls attention to themselves and causes us to dig a little on them and usually gets them booted! LOL!
    People always seal their own fate I swear!
  7. Okay, I see the difference now. I just wanted to make sure that I would do the right thing. Thanks!
  8. Lol yeah that's what I said in my previous's like, "Look at my new purchases!" and the thread is from like, a year ago but it gets bumped. Those are annoying, then people just keep congratulating them without looking at a date...sometimes the op doesn't even post on tpf anymore lol.
    I remember one recently where someone did that and someone posted something like, "OMG what store did you find that at? I had my name on lists at 2 different stores and they keep telling me it's sold out worldwide, I'm annoyed now!" But they didn't check the date to see that it was a post from 6 months ago. Hah.
  9. There was a recent case like this on the Balenciaga forum where a really old thread w/the a subject related to "look at my new purchase" was bumped ... the poster had been absent from tPF a really long time, but coincidentally had just returned. (She was not the person who bumped her thread ... in fact she kinda laughingly said that this was a really old thread when she posted a response). In this particular case, it was nice to get an update and she posted new pics of the item showing how it looked "broken in." I think it's a case-by-case thing, and I am glad that mods recognize that & wouldn't hastily lock a thread just because it is old. If it is a topic that has potential for rekindling some long-dead controversy ... then I can see good reason to just lock it if it pops back up again.
  10. LOL!! Busted!
    Those I completely understand, like I've noticed also in the Newcomer's Lounge where the thread is like from April or May and someone bumps it up to say Welcome, I guess just to beef up their post count, a lot of people just copy and paste stuff, too, in the old welcome threads, I noticed this a lot lately. That really annoys me!
  11. i finally know what " bump" i use to see that and wonder what do they mean by bump :roflmfao: i tell you i thought it was the weirdest thing

    ok so i have a question in the eBay thread a OP was asking why sales were so slow that was maybe 1 month ago and a couple of days ago i started a new thread reguarding the same topic b/c i figured maybe things have changed on eBay so i will get new answers...but it was moved to that thread that was posted 1 month the future if i want to know how eBay is doing should i jus go to that thread and write "bump"?
  12. ^I saw that too, the threads were actually merged because they were similar.
  13. I bumped up the old nose ring thread the other day, but the reason was that it had part of a story, and I had just made another post on a different topic where I told another part of the same story, so I found the old thread and cross-linked them so people could read both parts.

    It was just one of those rambling recollections of the Back When I Was Your Age genre that you will tell one day, too. Yes, you will. You say that now, and I did too, but just wait. You'll see.
  14. It really is subjective:yes:
    Goes back to the old "can't please all the people all the time" verse.

    I have an issue w/ people who go through our Newcomer's Forum and the Bag Showcase threads and OBVIOUSLY copy and paste their same comment to dozens of people.
    It's not thoughtful at all and very transparent that they're "beefing" their total post counts.
    It got so bad for a while that we had to PM and beg people to stop and eventually lock up all the older threads because people were going back literally 30+ pages and welcoming people who have been here for 4-5 months and already had thousands of posts themselves! LOL!
    I remember someone got banned over it it got SO ridiculous.

    We don't give kudos or anything to thsoe w/ high post counts {I am prime example! LOL!} and it's sad that people insult our intelligence by assuming we won't actually look at the majority of the content of their posts when they apply to the MP:lol:
  15. ^Lol I like when there have been people who actually come right out and SAY they're just trying to get to 500 posts so they can "get in" to the MP. :rolleyes: