Confused yet Excited

  1. Heres the kinda sorta dilemnaI have been getting FedEx door tags left at my house for about 3 days now. So today I called FedEx to see where the package was coming from because I haven't ordered anything. The Customer Service Rep says it is from ELX in Tennessee. As we pFers know, ELX is Eluxury or 866. I am so excited but I didn't order anything. And i have to sign for it, which means it is over a certain price range. :wtf: What do you guys think, have you ever had this happen to you???
  2. Go and get your package :smile: be sure to post pic's of what you purchased.
  3. wow, a surprise treat...def. let us know what's in it!
  4. thats just it bag fetish i havent purchased anything since my agenda.
  5. I'm going to have to wait until tomorrow they are transferring it to the airport so I can pick it up there.
  6. Maybe someone made the purchase for you. :yahoo:OMG i'd be dying to find out .. Run go an get your package.
  7. Oooh maybe it's a surprise for a very special customer ? :graucho:
  8. Ooooh that's so hot! Surprise package!

    Sure you haven't been sleep-buying LV or anything? :P I know I DREAM about it...sleep-buying could be a problem lol...
  9. sleep buying could be a huge problem. inside i am doing this :yahoo::nuts:Its going to kill me to wait until tomorrow. My birthday is in 16days... mmm :yahoo: I don't know what to think
  10. Maybe its a surprise gift from a very special someone? How exciting. Then again are you sure you didn't waitlist for something. Perhaps calling eLux to find out or just wait for the surprise.
  11. only thing i have waitlisted for is the azur line and i don't think I'm cool enough to get it 2 months in advance
  12. i dont have a special someone...or at least i don't think i can you tell this is killing me
  13. OMG if its free LV keep it, do not contact them and say they made a mistake, keep it lol..GOD must love you !
  14. VIP Gift?? a verrrrry lovely B-day gift?
    Please post as soon as you find out, suspense is not my thing..
  15. :yes::yes::yes::wlae: