confused with white flaps!

  1. i need help which one should i get
    e/w white flap caviar or classic med/large white flap caviar?

    i don't even know if there's a big difference, just like a regular everyday bag..
    if you guys have pics could you please post it so i could see it
    and how much it cost now, since there was a price increase..
    thanks :smile:
  2. Have you tried either bag on? If you want an every day purse AND carry a lot in your purse, then neither will work for you. Think jumbo.

    The medium, unless limited edition, will have a double flap rather than the single flap e/w. The medium is taller than the e/w, but they are the same in length. They hold about the same. The chain on the e/w, is adjustable; whereas the medium is not. I personally carry either a medium or an e/w. The latter is very light and I use a credit card holder rather than my long wallet.

    If you're thinking about a purse that can work day and evening occasions, medium or e/w is your best bet. You really need to try the different sizes on in front of a mirror and decide which suits you best.