Confused with the Besace? Besace v. Courier?

  1. Ladies- I need some help. I thought there was just one Besace model, the messenger style with the flap. Is there more than one model? If I said I wanted Besace to a Bal SA, which one would they automatically give me? I want the messenger style one, which I thought was the only Besace. Any help would be appreciated.

    Would you get a besace or a courier? I want something easy (already have work, days, twiggies) that I can throw on over my coat and sweaters that closes (no wandering hands looking for my wallet).

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you in advance!
  2. There are two now. You'd just have to let the SA know that you're looking for the one with the RH and flap. The other Besace only comes in Giant hardware. I'm not sure what BalNY ordered for this season in this style. The Courier is only available in colors from 06 in the U.S. If you're looking for a current season color, you'll need to purchase from a store in europe.......printemps, balparis, etc. Both bags, Besace and Courier, sound like a good option for you if you're looking for a larger bag to wear messenger style and both can close at the top.
  3. Needing a croos body bag, I ordered the Besace with SGH in ocean blue. Crystal at BalNY said it was available in black, olive, ocean, and I believe a tan color...maybe sandstone?...cannot remember.

    The current Besace w/GH is about 14"w x 15"h and does not have a flap. The Courier is 23" wide and 15" high.

    I saw both at Barney's on Friday. The Courier is really too huge for me. I think the smaller Besace (which used to be marketed as a "mens" bag) in its new shape is more feminine.
  4. this is the besace with the giant hardware:



    Hope this helps!
  5. stbartschic those Besaces with SGH are beautiful!

    bohomama there is a mogano Besace with SGH on blufly right now

    I have a courier and I love it. It is in the bigger bag catagory but it's totally managable and a great fun piece. The courier is totally something you can throw over your sweater and/or jacket and not think twice. If you aren't wanting to wander in a bag to find your wallet, I think you'll find the Besace a bit more suitable. It's flatter and will keep things more organized I'd imagine. The courier has a lot more depth in the width so things will have more room to wander in there unless you have a lot to carry. Good Luck and let us know what you decide on.
  6. I have the Men's Besace and it's a great bag. You can use it every day and is particularly useful esp in winter, when you can wear it with coats and parkas.
  7. thank you ladies for all your help! Especially Cracker who helped me get my oval clutch which I luvvv!

    So is the older Besace model with the flap, is that the called the "mens" besace? I want it in violet and am trying to order it with Bal Paris. I like the new Besace too, the courier I know is large, has a great slouch.

    I need something "hands free" that can go over my coat/chunky sweaters.

    I dont need to carry very much, phone, wallet, organizer, maybe a magazine, eye glasses etc. I know in my day bags I can never find my wallet, goes into a black hole, it must be the same way with the courier but I like it anway.

    Can you wear both the mens and the new Besace messenger style (cross the body with the bag on your backside)? I am so into being hands free when winter comes.

    I think I am going to be spending all my money:shame:.........listen to my Bbag "needs": jaune RH / GGH day but am getting the RH, violet SGH work (after seeing everyones fab pics), a courier/besace in violet, of course matching jaune, violet coin purses if they ever surface.

    And you know I am drooling over those beautiful twiggies all our PFers have! So I think I will need a twiggy or a first as well.

    I think if my bank account doesnt just give up on me and close itself, if I see a mogano day with GGH, it may also come home with me.

    Balenciaga must be trying to bankrupt me, I swear!!!

    So what would everyone get: courier, besace (the one with the flap), or the new besace? Remember you need to be able to wear it cross the body messenger style. And it would be violet.
  8. ^^^I'd base your decision on what's available. All three can be worn crossbody and the Men's Besace and Courier are much bigger and hold more than the NEW Besace w/ GH. I know that BalNY did not order the NEW Besace in Violet. And I don't know if BalNY ordered any MEN's Besaces from this season. I'd say, start calling BalNY and BalParis and see what they have and then make your decision because anything Violet is going to go quickly especially in styles that aren't popular. Also, since you're getting the SGH Work in Violet, you may want to opt for the Men's Besace or Courier with RH. Good luck and let us know what you get!

    ps. I'm glad I could help you get your oval!
  9. Oohh, the oval, I love it! When I spoke to the SA at BAL paris she had a besace in violet, she didnt say Giant or anything (I didnt know at the time that there were two Besace models). I think I want it to be RH, I like GH but want this one to be simple and easy no bling factor! So I will figure it all out. I am thinking the same thing, Courier or Mens Besace. This should be interesting and I will post when I get it in a week+.

    Thank you all for your help!
  10. Cracker- I need help as this is being ordered over the phone so I cant see it myself.

    If it were between the courier and then new Besace?

    I like the new Besace but I want something that closes on top (wandering hands....). I like the slouch of the courier and I know it is big but I like the effortlessness of it (is that a word?) and am not affraid of the size. I want something easy that whether I am going on a plane or to have coffee, I can just throw my stuff in and sling it and go, hands free. I think I just convinved myself for the courier.......anyway need your 2 cents!

  11. i was just looking at the besace today :drool: what colour is this? it's simply too cool :jammin::woohoo:read of two minus points about this bag, though.

    will be watching this space for pics of your couriere, bohomamma! :okay:
  12. I thought it was a violet courier I had found, nevermind it was brown :cry::cry:

    I love the Besace in I think Sienna above? I need something that closes (have beem a vicitim of wandering hands before).
  13. that is the sienna color.

    i think somebody on the forum has the violet courier and it's gorgeous!!!
  14. thanks, stbartschic (love your nick!)

    i think the men's messenger bag's cool too :tup:
  15. Yeah the mens messenger besace or whatever the name is, is the one with the flap closure. Thats ideally what I want or the courier, both are good.