Confused with Paypal!


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Feb 28, 2007
Ok, this is going to be a long story, so bear with me.

Last week I had bidded on a Lrg. Carly through eBay. At the time, my paypal address showed that my home address was confirmed, but my shipping address was unconfirmed (I live in an apt complex and don't trust to have my packages sent here). So, after having read that the Seller only ships to confirmed addresses, I got worried, because I didn't want it shipped to my apt. So I emailed the seller right away to explain the situation. So after some emails back and forth, my payment finally cleared, and she shipped my package. When I looked at the shipping address, the seller shipped it to the unconfirmed address (yay for me, I guess). After that I was confused, because the seller clearly stated that they would NOT ship to an unconfirmed address, yet they did (so I thought).

So, after seeing the post for a purse organizer, I went to eBay again to buy and use paypal again to pay for it. This time though, my once unconfirmed shipping address listed itself as a confirmed address. I was like WTF? Not a week earlier it was unconfirmed and caused me to freak out.

The only thing I could think is that I had changed my shipping address to a gift address. My home address is confirmed, but again, it's an apt and i don't like my packages being sent there. Another theory I had is that the previous purchase was over $200.00, as apposed to my current purchase of under $20.00. Idk!

So, my question - Is there a reason behind all of this? Or did my changing it from a shipping to a gift address make the difference? Maybe the price of the item? Help!



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Dec 1, 2006
This should probably be in the ebay forum - you will get a lot more answers there.

Good luck!