confused with orchid colour

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  1. Your second link is the more true color. It is a fuschia color. :biggrin:
  2. Agreed - second is closer to the true colour, but there are quite a few pictures here on the site that are better - check out some of the Orchid reveals and the s/s 2010 sticky thread.

  3. agree here:biggrin:

  4. ^agree here as well.. s/s 2010 thread is informative and perhaps

    the color might read better to you..
  5. [​IMG]

    this is my orchid purse. i think this shot is very close to its true colour.
  6. ^ I think it's brighter than that photo.

    I've heard other designers describe the same color as "plum", if that helps.
  7. Yes 5200 is Orchid, or if you see the letters "PRU" also means Orchid

    I guess it really depends on the Lighting / Camera Settings

    But the 2nd link is closer to the real think