Confused with fall bags. Someone help please!

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  1. I was reallly interested in getting a large bubblequilt gray flap, i called my local Chanel and they told me they only had it in beige, the gray was only for the bowler, and she said they didnt order the bubble quilt large flap in gray color, only beige.. I was really sad about this, because i was planning to exchange a bag i had barely bought at my local boutique and get it. So can anyone clear up, if the bubble quilt GRAY large flao was only ordered at dept. stores such as BG, Nordstrom etc or where exactly??

    Im also really interested in a RED, OR Navy jumbo flap that are coming up.. Will these only be at other dept. stores, or also at Chanel boutiques? Thanks in advance.
  2. NM will have the red and navy bags. Call Lisa Hamlin at NM Troy to pre-order. There is already a long list for the red.