Confused: with all the RM Nikki blue colours >>>

  1. I am looking for a rich blue one (regular size). I have seen blues that are called blue midnight (or other way around). Blue, midnight, royal blue.

    Its all a bit confusing.

    I am actually after a blue like this - the seller answered someone else saying its called Midnight, but is that correct? I've never seen this blue anywhere but this particular one. Plus I've looked online at sites that sell midnight coloured RM's and they looking nothing like this. So which is right??

    This is it:

    (also is Royal Blue a rich dark blue? even if its not as dark as this?)

  2. Karen nice to see you here!

    This one pictured about is a "royal" color....closer to a dark, dark blue......maybe even borderline navy.

    Now the NIGHT Blue is beyond gorgeous.....lemme's a pic that Lexie2000 posted some time ago that really captures the colors. The leather on the Night Blue is TDF!!!!! :tup:


    Lemme know what you think and if you need help finding one at a good price.
  3. Hi Contessa!!

    Yea I got a Nikki in wine by pure luck last Monday and LOVE IT soooo much that I want a blue one now that is as rich and luxe looking.

    So you said the one above is the Royal blue? (the one I posted a pic of??). Could you just clarify that as I can't tell what blue that is since pics can be so deceiving online.

    The one below is royal blue isn't it? The night blue seems intriguing... hmmm. Where do you think is the best place to get that with a code? luna?

  4. I just called luna and they said that night blue isn't really a blue colour. Its more like a dusty purple. Not really blue.

    This is so confusing...
  5. Dusty purple doesn't sound right.

    If you look at Lexie's photo above, it doesn't look anything like a dusty purple!!!
  6. ^^ EXACTLY. Thats what threw me off. I mean lunaboston have the thing right in front of them and I don't so I'm going by what she says but its different to what the above shot you showed is like!!

    ok, I'm comming somewhat closer to deciding (I think).

    Will let you know what I end up doing.

    Thanks for helping me!!
  7. You can talk with 50 different people and they'll all describe it differently lol!!!

    Good luck Karen! I think the Night Blue is gorgeous!!! Wait 'till you fondle it!!!!
  8. ^^^ I'll let you know tomorrow!
  9. :tup: :supacool:
  10. I love it! The leather is soft and smooshy and the color is gorgeous, deep and rich with just a bit of "pop" but not too bright at all.
  11. karenab I'm not sure what the name of the actual color in the first pic you posted is (sorry I can't be of more help). The Night Blue is somewhere inbetween Lexie2000's pic and the pic on Luna Boston's website. Lexie's photo makes it look bluer/darker than it really is, and LB's pics make it look lighter and more lavender than it really is. But I guess describing colors is like describing flavors....very subjective! And the good news is that ALL of these colors are beautiful, though I'm partial to the Night Blue because of the feel of the Contessa said, wait 'til you feel it!
  12. I think both the Midnight Blue and the Royal Blue are gorgeous. The Royal is a bright, crayon-esque blue that is stunning, and the Midnight Blue is a purplish blue that is also a stunner. I would love to have both!
  13. Thanks I know EXACTLY what you mean. I have a feeling that the night blue won't be blue enough for me since I don't want to buy a purple bag. I want a rich dark blue one so we'll see tomorrow what happens.

    I got more pics of the one that I posted at the top that I was questioning and it is now confirmed by the eBay seller as royal blue. She sent me extra pics and its not half as dark in rich as it looks in her auction so i'm glad that got cleared up.