Confused which one to buy? Trouville

  1. im confused , I want the mono Trouville . I plan to buy it either from let trade or . The one on Let trade is cheaper than the one on 2ndhandbag. The one on Let trade the handles are so bad that they are almost black(yuck) and in the future i can send it to LV to get them fixed. And the one on 2ndhandbag is $300 more than lettrade and better condition. Well what im thinking is this if i buy the one on lettrade im spending 300 but plus the LV spa treatment that will be what 300 more .. AND on 2ndhandbag its 600 and already in great condition. SO what would you guys do ??
  2. for 299 buy the one on let -trade and send it in and have the handles changed.
  3. I would get the one that's already in better condition.
  4. what is a spa treatment ?
  5. I'd buy the one in better condition.
  6. When we go get papered we get spa treatment to look better. just a cute way to say the bag is going for a spa treatment also to look better.. hehe
  7. love the new avatar Jonh u look so cute and innocent. :p
  8. I would buy the one that is in better condition
  9. I'd get the one in better condition!
  10. i'd get the one on let trade.. the handles should be no more than 200 to replace or you could always use baby wipes to clean them ? =)
  11. I'd get the one in better condition
  12. better condition
  13. I'd get the bag in better condition. Even if you have the straps replaced, it won't match the color of the rest of the vachetta and would look a little odd
  14. That's what I was thinking. Try some saddlesoap, it really works well. Then you could send it in to get changed if it still needs it.