Confused - what would you do?

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  1. I'm very confused and looking to gain some advice on what you'd do in my shoes...

    I was hankering after a Midnight Mabel for a while but impatience got the better of me so I went and bought an Emerald Mabel instead from one of the outlets. I had buyers remorse at the time (there's a thread somewhere!) but eventually came round and thought I'd made the right decision... Bag hasn't been used as there's a slight fault which it's going back to SM for and also because it's a birthday gift (December) so it's pristine and still with tags.

    Fast forward three weeks later and a Midnight Mabel has appeared on eBay (why didn't I delete my email alerts?!) and I'm completely at a loss as to what to do.

    There is no way that DH would let me get the Midnight AND keep the Emerald (he is already rather miffed at my original purchase) and whilst I have the money in savings so could buy and hide :graucho:, the withdrawal would be noticed and commented on as I'm a SAHM at the moment and we're in the middle of re-organising our finances to fund house renovations so I'd have to admit what I'd done. Also, having never seen a Midnight in real life, I may regret the purchase as soon as it's here if the colour and wear (it's pre-owned) don't live up to my expectations...

    Enough of the rambling. What I want to know is, if it were you, would you:

    (a) just accept that you made your decision and keep the Emerald;
    (b) try to return the Emerald (long story and may not be possible) and only then buy the Midnight (and take the chance the Midnight is gone by the time you can buy her)
    (c) think 'to hell with it', buy the Midnight and then work out what you do with the Emerald later - possibly selling at a big loss on Feebay...

    Sorry this is all over the place - can you tell that I'm a bit confused!!
  2. If you have the savings, I would buy this bag if you love it, and put the emerald one up for sale at the same time.

    You should recoup most of the money it cost you, and you will then have a bag that you really want. IIRC, you were not sure about the original purchase 100 percent, and I think your first instincts are usually the right ones!

    Thats what I would do !

    oh and get the mabel authenticated first just to be on the safe side!
  3. See now this is where my boring, sensible side comes out...

    If you haven't seen the midnight irl, what if you don't like it? Then you'd have a bag from ebay you may not be able to return either, and u might have two mabels to sell! x
  4. Thank you ladies for your input - I can see you both sat on opposite shoulders acting as my heart and head.

    That was my first thought *Chloe-Babe* but I just don't know how I could do that without the OH spotting what I've done and getting all huffy about it... I'm genuinely interested how others justify their purchases? Whenever I try I just get in a twist and make myself look foolish...

    *tiggernic* - and you've hit the nail on the head. What if I don't like it?! I'm notorious for being terrible at making decisions and changing my mind all the time. Luckily it's being sold by a trusted business seller and so offers a 7 day refund window... So I could always return once I see them side by side (assuming I don't like it, which I doubt).

    I can see where this is headed - I just want both!!! :roflmfao:
  5. I say go for it. You have the chance to return if it's really not what you thought.. or selling the Emerald.

    If it's something you really want, and can afford to do it, you should do it.

    This is also coming from someone who just saw her own dream bag appear and then disappear on eBay. I think you'd be heartbroken if you let this opportunity pass you by.
  6. I have no advice to give. :biggrin:
    But have been SO close to buying this bag! But have just decided to not getting it. But it is a great bag, and I am sure it wills sells quickly! :graucho:
  7. If it were me I prob won't rest until I got the bag I really want. Honestly what's the point of keeping something you're not 100% happy with. But i wouldn't suggest keeping both. Even if you take a little loss selling the bag on ebay at least you'd get most of the money back
  8. I say buy the midnight and sell the emerald.
  9. I have a crazy idea for you, I think the midnight seller also sells on a commission basis why not drop her an email explain your quandry and see if she might part exchange with you that way you will know the price difference if there is one and you can speak to hubby.
  10. Buy the midnight and sell the emerald hubby wont be too huffy if you recoup the money and you have a window of time if you don't like it! x
  11. That was my beautiful Midnight Mabel once...sellers remorse? Maybe!
    The antique leathers can be quite slouchy when the bag isn't full, so quite a casual look.
    Antique leather is very good in the rain but still has that "worn" look.
    The emerald is gorgeous too and I'd imagine would keep it's shape and structure
    So it depends what you personally like in a bag. Also what colour wardrobe do you wear, which will go better with your clothes?
    Good luck with your decision??
    Also would you prefer a new bag or one that's had a couple of owners??
  12. I totally share your dilemma, Tweetinat! I too cannot decide easily on so many things, always doubting, pondering, wasting time!!! That is because I'm a collector, and collectors can't help but collect things for the future (what if I cannot find it in the future? what if I need it?). I too cannot justify all these bags!

    My sugestions: Ondrea's idea is good, you might try it! But definitely get the midnight (yes, I've seen it and it is beautiful) and see for yourself if you like it. You'll be able to return if you don't.

    Always go with your gut feeling. Sometimes we wish we had everything, but I don't even think we would really want that. I have stuff I never wore, and that is just silly - why am I keeping it for? If you find out you want both, keep the one you wouldn't live without and, after the refurbishments in your house, look for the second one.

    Good luck!
  13. Well I honestly had the worst nights sleep dreaming about what I should do. Typically my son decided to 'sleep though' for the second time ever and I didn't manage to get any benefit from it - great :rolleyes:

    Thank you all so much for taking the time to wade into my dilemma... Very interesting that there are lots of votes for getting the midnight and selling the emerald and only the one for keeping what I have. You guys are bad for the bank balance let me tell you!

    There have been a couple of things troubling me about buying this bag which means that I'm actually swaying towards keeping my Emerald (and this is a surprise to me!):

    1. The price is only £10 less than what I paid for my Emerald. If I then sell this on at a loss, I will end up paying significantly more for a pre-owned bag than I would for brand new. Now I have no problems with pre-owned, especially antiqued leather as it scuffs very easily and I would hate to be the one doing that scuffing myself! I could relax a lot more when using the bag, but to pay the same as new? I really don't know if I could do that.

    2. The listing mentions that the inking is wearing away on the handles and I suspect it may need reinking at sometime in the near future. Again, adding cost onto the top of an already highly priced pre-owned bag...

    I am normally a very frugal person - I don't spend money willy nilly and agonise over every single purchase I make. I love a bargain and will spend hours looking for the best deal - sadly I worry that I would regret spending a premium to own this bag. (Sadly I will also worry that I let such a gorgeous bag get away from me! Honestly, I really do torture myself! Cacau we sound like kindred spirits!).

    I do love your idea Ondrea but what if I put the seller to all that trouble and then decide I don't want the Midnight... Then I have no Mabel :sad:

    So, although I'm swaying towards keeping the Emerald I would still like a good look at the Midnight, so I'm toying with the idea of purchasing the bag and having a good look and comparing with what I have...

    I'll be sure to keep you updated!!

    (Sorry if this is rushed but my son has woken up from his nap and I need to go rescue him!)

  14. I now you are leaning towards keeping the emerald, but I know from experience that usually your first impression of a bag tends to stay, like with the emerald - you didn't like it at first, but of course with time and self persuasion you get used to it, but if it isn't love then somewhere down the line you'll probably end up selling it. I'm good at persuading myself to love a bag even if I really don't and I've ended up selling them in the end, beacuse they just didn't get used.

    That being said I've seen midnight mabel irl and it's lovely, and in my opinion antiqued leather only get's better with use and also I haven't seen these on ebay that often? But you're right about the price and you have to be prepared that you might have to fix the inking, you should decide if it's worth it. Maybe buy and return if you're you don't 100% love it?
  15. I think buying the Midnight to see it with the option to return, as ruusu says, might be the best option. It's fortunate that this bag has popped up from a business seller who offers returns, rather than a private seller.

    Your curiosity will be satisfied and either you'll be happy with the bag and can think about selling the Emerald, or you'll be able to return the bag and will no longer be lusting after the Midnight.

    As long as you explain to your DH that you don't plan to keep both bags, he should be OK about it (I say "should" because I know they don't seem to understand the importance of having exactly the right bag ...).