Confused soul needs advice......

  1. If you have always been drooling over a particular color and thought you would snatch it up as soon as you find one.....but when you finally found it, you didn't feel as excited as you expected and you didn't buy it right away, in fact, you were disappointed you found it so soon....something's wrong with you? Not meant to be? All your previous desires were just an illusion?

  2. i think when u were just imagining of having it and wanted one sooo bad, it created a bigger image in your head.
    and when faced with the money u have to pay :p it kinda driven down the imagination
  3. sea--i was even a little bit disapponted that it was affordable(as if i had to buy it now for sure otherwise i would be going back on my own words), it's so silly and i feel embarrassed:sad: i'm not good at making decisions on any handbag purchases to begin with, and now this:sad:
  4. hmm.. I wonder if perhaps the love of the colour might have been twinged with being "caught up in the hype"? Sometimes I find myself momentarily lusting after colours that aren't actually "me" because it gets so many raves from others. Time usually snaps me out of that.

    Or perhaps your taste in colours is just evolving so maybe while you were totally in love with it a few months ago, perhaps now other colours float your boat more? ie. perhaps you loved the brights before, but now in your life you find yourself more drawn to the neutrals?
  5. I would agree that perhaps you were caught up in the hype about that colour and weren't really in love with it, or would find it practical to own.

    For me it's the Seafoam Twiggy. Almost bought one, then was glad I didn't, but the love for that colour on the board is amazing. Whenever one comes up on eBay, I have to talk myself out of it and then wonder why because it would go with absolutely nothing that I wear : )

    By the way, what is the colour you have been seeking?

    I wish you well,

  6. aaw..... i hope you find what u really want then :yes:
    maybe because what you like is a "too common" b bags, and maybe you want a really rare one that's so special so not many people have?
  7. jadecee, bridget, sea--i saw a picture of nicole carrying the bag and everything about it looked so perfect, her outfit, her hair, her complexion, together with the bag was so pretty. i think i just hyped it up in my head so when i finally saw it, it wasn't what i had 'envisioned', disappointed for certain, but at least i am glad i didn't make a silly mistake and had a buyer's impulse:upsidedown:

    thanks for everyone's input, dh thinks it's too small of an issue to fuss over("just buy it or be done with it"), but i'm glad i can post here and have people who understands what it's like:smile:
  8. I think someone could do an indepth analysis of the mindset of a B-bag addict. There are so many factors that create that sense of urgency including: discontinued styles, colors that are in finite supply and eBay.
    Don't be embarrassed. You changed your mind before you bought it and that's fine. Even if you did buy it, you could sell it on eBay. My first purchase was a blue india box and I have decided that I am not a big fan of the box style so I will probably list it on ebay soon. It takes a while to find the perfect color and style combination as evidenced by all the people reselling their bags. Just enjoy deciding on your next color/style.
  9. chriseve - i totally know what you mean. even looking through the "wearing your bbag" thread - I see pics of fellow PFers that look AMAZING and it makes me lust after a colour, but when I give it more time I realize I'd have trouble wearing the colour out.

    This massive confusion is also why I'm taking a "time-out" and trying to be on a purseban for 2007 as I'm trying to let more time pass and if after a year I'm still lusting over the same bags, then I'll know it's truly something I love and not me getting caught up "with the hype" or getting caught up in "I wanna collect them all" kind of syndrome.. because seriously.. with all the pretty colours bbags come in. it's really hard not to want them all!
  10. I feel that the forum, as much as I love it, really fuels my obsession. I'm not sure that I like that all the time, really. I would have thought it absolutely insane to purchase a bag in more than one color, but since I jioned the forum it seems perfectly normal and encouraged. It's certainly not good for my bank account.