Confused! Someone please help!

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  1. I recently heard that it is illegal to buy things from a retail store and sell them on ebay for a profit. Can someone enlighten me on this?
    For example:
    is it illegal to buy stuff from Balenciaga or Marc Jacobs store on sale and sell them on ebay for a profit?

    Do i have to be an authorized dealer to sell things on ebay?
    Thanks ladies
  2. i think you CANT if you work for that retail stores. otherwise, it is not illegal. you bought it, it is ur business- sell it/cut it...whatever you want.
    that's why you see people have the "legal disclaimer"
  3. No.
  4. no, everyone sells their stuff on ebay, new or old, it would also be haelpful if u add a disclaimer.
  5. I agree. I also believe that this only becomes a problem if the person works for the retailer
  6. Ebay would not exist if people weren't able to sell what they've bought whether brand new or used.
  7. Thank you so much!
  8. My partner and I are just going through this with Coach & Burberry! Both Coach and Burberry say it is illegal to buy and then resell their items... this is just to intimidate you.

    They legally can not do anything (as long as you are not an employee) because it is a restriction of "Free Trade". Ebay will not ban you as long as you have authentic items... even though Coach tries!!

    They can try to prevent you from buying anything in their stores... we are going through this. My husband is an attorney, but we have decided not to file any lawsuits because we still want to resell Coach and Burberry!

    Eventually enough of us will ban together to start a class action lawsuit...

    We have figured out the hard way this is why some people keep their information so secret!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!
  9. If you can buy something for less and sell it for more, go for it.
  10. There's a lady on Ebay that was constantly being Vero'd by companies because she buys their licensed fabric and then sews aprons and other items out of the fabric and sells them on Ebay. She ended up filing numerous lawsuits against each of the companies Veroing her (like Nascar, Precious moments, Disney, etc...) and has won all of them. That's because the law states that once something has entered the stream of commerce (ie... been sold to a customer) it is now free game for that customer to do with it what they want, including changing it, or selling it! ;)
  11. No.
    Only if you have any assocation with the brands or the retailers (such as direct employees) then you cannot do it.
  12. so coach and burberry tried to ban you from their stores? were they succesful?
    I cannot believe they are pursuing this. Do you sell a lot of items?
  13. imsure you can do it, just so long as you dont make it a large part of your household income it shouldnt be a problem. x
  14. Just curious, why do you think that? All my income comes from reselling on ebay.
  15. Do the brands have undercover ebay buyers? to check if people are selling stuff bought in their stores.??