Confused Skin

  1. [FONT=&quot]I am hoping that somebody can help me with this problem. I have very oily skin and small pores but I suffer from blackheads. I am also at an age where I need to do something to keep the wrinkles away but heavy creams clog my pores and I end up having horrible blackheads and if I use a cleanser specifically for clearing up blackheads then I have dry scaly skin on my nose and chin. Does anybody have any suggestions for a good cleanser and moisturizer for my skin type? I am looking for something on the less expensive side since I have an entire skin line that I spent way too much money on sitting in my bathroom.

  2. I think a medical esthetician would be able to help you. She can do extractions to rid you of blackheads and suggest a skin care line suitable for you. Plus, she can do chemical peels and microdermabrasion if she thinks it's necessary. I go to one in my dermatologist's office.
  3. Thanks for your help...I have gotten facials and extractions but just at my salon. I will call my dr. tomorrow!!
  4. A good clay mask might also help. I use one twice a week for my oily skin.
  5. Like Jane, I use a clay mask as well. I'm in my forties and I have oily skin in the "T" zone but I'm finding the rest of my face in the winter is slightly dry and, therefore, showing signs of wrinkles. I always use an eye cream .... it's more like a gel. I use Loreal's eye cream. To clean my face I use Loreal's Pure Zone, Step 1, pore unclogging scrub cleanser. You can buy it in the drugstore. When I need to moisturize my skin (excluding the "T" zone) I use Loreal's Pure Zone, Step 3, oil-free moisturizer. It really works.

    a SA at Neimans told me about this when I was complaining to her about how much I spend on high-end creams that promise big, deliver little.

    Renova is available by Rx only, I got it through my dermatologist, and it is for use only once a day, at night.
  7. I've never had blackheads (that I know of) but pulled out my "bible" I have of skincare and this is what it said: regular exfoliation keeps them away and use a clay mask, as the others have mentioned. It said heavy creams can cause them as well as hormonal, genetic or dietary. It said it is an open pore clogged with dead skin and oil that the above makes sense.
  8. Oh, that is a good idea. Dermalogica has a pretty "strong" (IMO) masque. I think it's clay. I use MD Forte religiously every other day, but I don't think it's clay. I do have very oily skin and blackheads, though. It seems to work very well.

    I've never tried a Neutrogena masque, but I saw an ad for a new one and I bet it works pretty well. As a rule, I think they make effective, affordable products.