Confused - Sizes of Venetas

  1. Dear BV TPF'ers,

    I need your help on the Veneta. Frankly, I'm rather confused over the Veneta sizes. I never get them right. What I thought was a medium, turned out to be large, and what I thought was a maxi, turned out to be large (also)???

    I might get DH to pick up a Veneta (Carmino I hope) from overseas and I do like the size that ms piggy has - which I am posting a pic here (ms piggy, I hope you don't mind me 'stealing' your lovely pic, please don't take offence, but rather a compliment as to how gorgeous you look with your beloved Limo Veneta).

    So, to make sure DH do get the right Veneta, what would you say this size is based on measurements here :

    • Approx. Dimensions: 16"L x 10"H, with 6" shoulder clearance - Size?
    • Ms Piggy's Limo Veneta - Size?
    Thank you and I look forward to being educated here!
  2. I would say Ms Piggy's in Limo is the medium Veneta.

    I an 5'8" and am holding my large black Veneta, for size comparison.

    Good luck! :smile:
  3. Thanks, and WOW! Jara, you look real HOT with your large Veneta! Whew!

    May I know the lenght dimension of your large Veneta (at it's widest)? Thanks in advance.
  4. mlbags

    My large Venetas are 19 inches wide and 12 inches high (not including the strap). I too would say that Ms. Piggy's is a medium. The large is quite a bit wider. I have seen the maxi IRL and I found it huge!

    Hope this helps!
  5. The maxi is enormous!! I'm very tall and it looks like a giant bag - even on me. The medium is a very pretty bag but I have seen that some girls have trouble wearing it over their shoulders when they are wearing their winter coats.

    Hope this helps!

  6. Thanks for your input gals......

    Now, someone has again pointed to me a Veneta being offered on eBay which may be the medium ....... gosh, eBay prices are so attractive and if it works, it beats buying even from the overseas boutiques (I think) .... but I just need to confirm with ms piggy.......Calling ms piggy :woohoo:...... is your Limo Veneta the size mentioned below ????
    • Approx. Dimensions: 16"L x 10"H, with 6" shoulder clearance - Size?
    • Ms Piggy's Limo Veneta - Size?
  7. Hi mlbags, my Limo Veneta is a medium indeed. I don't have the exact measurement now but I think the dimensions listed sound abt right. For reference, I stand at 165cm (5' 5.5") and 120 lbs (55kg). HTH.

    Bjara, looking HOT and you def rock the bag!
  8. mlbags,

    are we gonna hear good news of your purchase sooooooon? :drool:
  9. kopibaby, there are so many BVs that I want.... my mind on which I want changes by the day .... can you blame me if most of BV bags are so gorgeous and with great enablers on this forum :angel: ??? It was a Campana yesterday, then Cabat came in this morning.... and this evening, Carmino came a calling ....... who do I entertain :sad:? Wish I can have them all.... but I know, I would then have a problem in deciding which I should wear today!

    Didn't we said in an earlier post - 'don't be fickle, stay focused' - I have to practise self discipline.
  10. thank you :shame::shame::shame:

    I will measure it in a few, getting the kids ready for school. :upsidedown:
  11. mlbags,
    i recall you mentioning that you have a roma. other than that, i dont know what other bv you have. like what you told me before, get something that is different from what you already have so that they are not that similar. you will also have more "choices" and "variety" in carrying your bv for different purposes and different occasions.

    in any case, after reading about the experiences of the ladies here, you can never go wrong with a bv. go with whatever your heart tells you to :smile:
  12. mlbags. i totally understand what you meant by your mind can't focus on one bag. that's the case with me too! initally i started lusting a hobo style ebano bag and up till today after being in confusion for a month, I still can't decide. According to many tpfers here, apparently Bluefly and overstock all sell authentic BVs, so you might want to try that too; their prices certainly beat overseas/eBay and you can always return it if you decide you dont like it.
    Good luck on finding your next BV love :smile:
  13. Wow! You girls look great with your Venetas!! :nuts:

    Let us know what you decide mlbags :flowers:

    I was in a real dilemma over whether to get the Medium or Large Veneta but went with the large in the end simply because I have the Ball bag which I think is too similar in size to the Medium Veneta. My Large should arrive soon so I will post modelling pics so you get a perspective of it on a shorter woman (I am only 5 ft 4":shame:smile:
  14. Congrats Balchlfen on ANOTHER BV (not that I'm counting or anything hehe). Please tell us which veneta you've ordered???

    ML Bags here are some pics of me with my Carmino Large veneta and ebano medium veneta for size reference I am 5ft 6in with a medium build plus huge JLO ass!!!:p
    bvcarmino.JPG bvebano.JPG
  15. mlbags, hmm are we hooked on ebay now??? Well, since you JUST got your ottone zipper bag (stunning) which looks close to the size of the medium veneta, I would suggest the large veneta. It's not as bulky and boxy as the roma, it's not as small or tight under the arm as the medium veneta, and looks like it hangs quite comfortably on the shoulder (love B.Jara's picture here and mystilletto's pic in the action thread). I think you have a nice variety of BV bags and the veneta would complement your other bags (hmm, so would the cabat and the campana, so I'm really not much help am I?)