Confused? Should I shouldn't I?

  1. I wouldn't bid because this looks fake. The leather is to stiff and the thing on the side just have the paddies with the shoulder strap. I'd stay away. Sorry.
  2. sweetsparkle is selling her ivory paddy and she has a thread about it. May be you like hers. Good luck on your hunt!
  3. Theitbag is selling her Chloe, it is hot and I might get it, but I am not sure yet...I would pass on this one..
  4. I'm looking VERY closely at the receipt which looks like early 2004. Someone correct me but didn't paddys come out in early spring 2005? I think the shoulder strap version was an even later edition....
  5. They have a whiskey wallet they call 'noir' which is black. Funny how they have Hermes and Fendi Spy Bags too - :lol:

    This is the part that made me LOL - my father is the 'negotiator' - yeah, right. I walk into Boutiques daily and negotiate the sticker price of my hard to find handbag :roflmfao:

    I would be surprised if Chloe in South Coast Plaza receipt says "California". I have one and will check later.

    This should be an easy purchase to talk yourself out of. :shocked:
  6. Thanks
  7. Its completely fake. Look at the inside tag with the date code, its upside down, should be so that it's right side up, so part that is stiched to the bag is on the bottom of the date.

    Which paddy is TheItBag selling?
  8. Chloe South Coast Plaza receipts don't look anything like that ....... AND that store didn't open until December 2005.
    Don't bid ........... it's FAKE!
  9. Paddingtons didn't make their debut until 2005. Frugal will get you a fake bag. If you want a real Paddington, retail is the way to go. Even a used bag is not going to sell for half price - if I were going to sell one of my used Paddys, the least I would ask for is $1K, and they are all in brand new condition.
  10. YOu ladies are so good! I would have thought that was legit until I read your posts! WOW! Amazing! That is why I love this place!
  11. Frugal doesn't get you fakes, unless you are stupid and frugal.
    My girlfriend got a genuine Paddy on eBay for 650. It was up for about 10 minutes with a BIN. Weirder things happen all the time ;)

    Thanks y'all!
  12. Is it a shoulder strap paddy? Did Chloe do Ivory another time? The ivory I got came out in SS 2006, so I'm not sure why her receipt says 2004. I don't have a good feeling on this one at all. Something is way out of whack.
  13. That bag is definitely fake.

    The key (no pun intended) is to see if the keyhole is upside down. It should be right-side up when the "Chloe" side of the lock is facing up. The one you posted is upside down. Even some of the best fakes have this small (but important and pretty noticeable) feature, but there are very few fakes that have the keyhole placed correctly.
  14. Thanks junebug - something I never knew! This place IS such a great bastion of collective knowledge! It's empowering and I am so thankful!!