1. hi ladies. i'm new to miu miu and very close to buying my very first one

    isn't this the coffer? whats the difference between bags i've seen labeled "coffer" and ones labeled "matelasee"? are they the same thing (they look very similar)? i really looove this style but would really appreciate more info/education on them before i order.

    does anyone have the above bag? maybe a modeling pic so i can get a size reference.

    thanks so much!
  2. Yes, that's the Coffer. I think its proper name includes Matelasse some how, but I honestly don't know what it means. :shrugs:

    And I LOVE that color, but I'd be terrified to get it. The Coffer is made of lambskin and seems this color would be a nightmare to keep clean. :push:
  3. thanks Prada Psycho. i'm glad i'm not the only one that's a little confused.

    hopefully someone else can respond. i know TPF is the best place to get any bag question answer.
  4. Matelasse means quilted or puckered. Since the leather is ruched (ruffled or pleated) on the coffers......they refer to it as Matelasse. Don't really know where the name Coffer came into play? None of my authenticity cards say Coffer on them. :shrugs: