confused! pls help me.

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  1. like bloomsbury better between the two
  2. I have the Bloomsbury PM and it is a great bag. The roundness of it and the pleat help make it a more feminine bag. Nice & roomy too!
  3. I vote for Bloomsbury
  4. i prefer the Odeon
  5. Bloomsbury is a great bag - it's really stylish! I like that it has a little more charm than the Odeon. Both are really great, though. I've seen Ashley Tisdale wearing the Odeon and it looked really cute on I thought! Though, my vote will have to go to Bloomsbury!! :smile:
  6. Have you thought of the Odeon GM? My friend has it and I like how it has the handle straps as well..
    If you don't like it, then I would go with the Odeon PM, if I were you.

  7. I agree. The Odeon GM is gorgeous.
  8. Bloomsbury
  9. I love bloomsbury.
  10. I have the bloomsbury pm and definitely prefer it over the odeon. I think it looks a littlel jazzier and the fact that it's worry free is a bonus to me.
  11. I like both the bloomsbury and the odeon GM, but I think I like the bloomsbury just a little bit better, it's cuter, more fun. I've seen the odeon on a few people lately and I don't love it as much as i thought I did. When I saw the bloomsbury on someone at the mall the other day I loved it! Good luck with your decision!
  12. I prefer the Odeon! Good luck deciding!
  13. I just ordered the bloomsburry so i guess im partial.
  14. Bloomsbury gets my vote. Good luck!
  15. I'm leaning towards the Odeon MM myself to use for an upcoming trip. I already have too much Damier and don't want to look too matchy. I really like the crossbody style, though and I'm seeing more of it this year.
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