confused! pls help me.

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  1. fellow LV lovers,

    I was thinking of buying my 2nd LV but i can't decide between the bloomsbury pm and odeon pm. i've been craving for this type of messenger bag. i shall use this in my travels. where i can just roam off in a new city without too much hassle especially when shopping and sight seeing. your ideas would be of great help. thanks.:yahoo:
  2. If you don't mind the damier ebene, the Bloomsbury is slightly cuter with the little pleat detail, and falls between the PM and MM size of the Odeon. But it does not have the flat base, so it looks kind of funny from the side. I love both, and if the Bloomsbury was available in monogram, I would buy one immediately!
  3. Ooh, I think both are great messenger bags and it's just which pattern you likes more. Would you be carrying a water bottle too? Perhaps you could try them at a LV store :smile:
  4. I am having this same problem myself! I am leaning towards the bloomsbury cause it is just so cute and I love the fact that it would be worry free. However, I have never bought a damier which is what holding me back. I guess I am really no help! I would go it and try them on - the one that says take me home is meant to be yours!
  5. I'd get the Bloomsbury as I'm not a big fan of monogram bags.
  6. thanks for all your help. i can't wait to go the LV store in Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi.
  7. bloomsbury pm!!!
  8. I really really really like the bloomsbury pm.
  9. I have the bloomsbury PM and it's a great bag! I do like the Odeon too, but I prefer the MM over the PM.
  10. Bloomsbury
  11. Bloomsbury PM
  12. Definitely agree with this. Bloomsbury gets my vote - happy shopping ! :yes:
  13. I like both, and have been really in to crossbody bags lately. I like the bloomsbury the best, but have yet to buy it.
  14. I think the bloomsbury looks best:tup:
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