Confused please help!

  1. Hi Ladies!

    So, I have wanted a coloured gemstone gold pendant for a while now...I have come across a few options but nothing really that caught my eye. I don't know if any of you saw my Dubai post but I have all white gold/platinum jewellery and is of v good quality.

    So, today I saw this pendant and I really like it! But I am thinking, it is an old school design and what is the quality like....I know the answer to the latter but at the mo I can't afford to go out and spend £££ on a pricey pendant.

    So can you please give me your opinions on if you like it and shall I buy it or wait until next year for a better quality one? By the way, in real life it looks fab, it could easily pass for a high end ruby pendant.

    Thank you!!!!!

    Here is the link:

    The do an 18 carat version for £999 but I can get it dipped at my local jewellers for next to nothing, so the gold carat is not an issue for me.

    I have seen a Marco Bicego one for £2k ($3.5k) but i don't know if I want to spend that kind of money on this pendant, as I have two everyday diamond pendants that I love.

    Confusseddddd!!!!! Can you tell :smile:
  2.'s ok, but I think, if you want this design, you could get a natural ruby in a higher-karat gold elsewhere. It's a fairly standard design. I know the gold isn't an issue, but, if you're planning to have it plated anyway, why not buy sterling silver with gold-plating? That, at least in the U.S., is very easy to find--and, at least the metal is "more metal" than 9ct gold, IMHO, and it may be cheaper.

    The design is a classic--a bit staid and safe for my taste, but certainly something you could wear forever--and, if you really like it, who cares if it's "old-school" or not? (And I have atrocious taste in my jewelry--big and gaudy! :lol:)
  3. It's pretty, but is this a purchase that will make you happy in the long term, or just something to satisfy a particular craving you've got right now? I ask this because everytime I have bought something under those conditions, I have never ended up liking it for the long haul. It could just be me, but I thought it might be worth mentioning.
  4. What do they mean "Created Ruby"? Lab created? In that case, don't waste your money please! The stone is worthless if it's synthetic. The diamonds are also very small 0.02ct each, plus with that little gold content, it's pretty expensive for 399.
  5. I agree completely. I have a lab created sapphire from a boyfriend years ago, in a classic setting as well. And it was from a prominent jeweler as well. I could tell though that it wasn't the real deal. I would save your money for the marco bicego piece!!!
  6. Wait for a real ruby.
  7. Thanks for the reply ladies and thank you talking me out of this impulse buy!!! I think I will save up for the Bicego piece or have a look in Dubai next year!
  8. i agree about not going synthetic!
  9. The content of a natural ruby and a lab grown ruby is the same... It is still different from fake rubies the one made in glass... So basically they are the same.. Of course what we like about natural ruby is the thrill of owning something you have to dig up to find or mother nature made... But in terms of composition they are the same...