Confused...please help.

  1. Question ladies...
    When do you count day 1 of your AF. I spot a day or two before I actually have regular flow. Do I begin to count the day I spot or the day of the actually flow? I have read many different opinions and am now confused. What have you heard?
  2. My doctor said from the day I flow. That is how I have been counting.

    I had the exact same question for months before I asked my dr.
  3. Okay that is what I was thinking was right.

    BTW. I see you are in VA, so am I. Near Roanoke. :tup:
  4. Nope, I'm in VB.

    Are the leaves changing yet in Roanoke? Was in Charlottesville last weekend and they really haven't changed that much. :nogood:

  5. I am near Roanoke. They are not really changing all that great. They look better the closer to Blacksburg, etc.
    I have a feeling they will just die and fall off.
  6. I know, it is so dry. We haven't had a spectacular fall showing in a long time. :sad:

  7. I know. It has been pretty bad.