Confused Paddy, lol!

  1. Sad thing is.. there's a bid on it??!!!
  2. :biggrin: :nuts: :P :amuse: :nuts: :smile:

    That's too funny!
  3. Oh my!
  4. *snicker*
  5. lol that's pretty bad. last week i saw a spy listed as a paddington, the guy said he was selling it because his girlfriend left him, so i asked why he was selling a chloe bag with a fendi he changed the auction and put in a chloe reciept! then i asked him why there was still a fendi bag in the auction (and i mentioned that it was fake) and i never got a message back - he took down the auction, lol.
  6. is there anyway we can alert ebay of fake products?
  7. I can understand why theres a bid, $16 isnt alot for a bag nevermind a fake designer bag! Its cheap, in its own league!
  8. LOL, Amanda! It's funny how these ppl not only sell fakes but they don't even know their own merchandise. And what about that bidder... just as dazed and confused. :wacko: :wacko:
  9. Geez...that's terrible.
  10. Yes, there is a way to report to eBay that a seller is offering a fake bag and they will contact the seller and "take some action"...a warning, or suspension. But beware...I reported a seller once and he found out who I was and sent me a nasty e-mail. But I think they took his auction down.
  11. I'm reporting to Ebay quite often! At the moment I'm chasing sellers of fake LV Mizis. I hate those guys :sick: ! I never had problems and Ebay took the auctions down.
  12. :weird:
  13. That person must be an IDIOT. It has 'Louis Vuitton' written all over it. Regardless, it's a fake.