Confused on which to buy

  1. I saw so many Kooba's I like but I also like the Gustto.

    I don't know which one to buy.

    I would buy both, but I just bought 3 bags this past month. LOL
  2. Only 3? :p Well I think I may have bought 3 in a day now and then, so don't feel bad. LOL
  3. I bought them all in one week. LOL

  4. Been there...Done that. The difference between 3 and 4 is only one. Doesn't that make it sound better? I love Kooba and Gustto so I can't decide for you.
  5. I don't own either.

    My normal bags are LV, Chanel, Chloe, and Gucci.
  6. Which styles are you looking at Gem?
  7. Kooba
    Paige, Lena, Sloane, and maybe Natasha. Are the bags huge?

    Baca and Setela
  8. You picked all pretty large bags there except for the Baca. Which is medium in looks but holds an enormous amount. The smallest of the koobas would be the Lena. It's a Medium to large sized bag that is somewhat weighty.

    My suggestion would be to look at these bags on Active Endeavors because they usually have pics with a model and you can get a general idea what size the bags are. Keep in mind that the models are 5' 10" and 95lbs...LOL
  9. I am looking for a medium size bag.

    I almost have the height(5'8") and don't recall ever weighing 95. LOL
  10. I'll put in an opinion on the Lena, it's not huge, carries well on the shoulder, and is not a heavyweight.

    95 lbs? I think I was there way back in the 70's.
    I'm only 5'6, but the Lena fits well. I'm not even going where my weight is today! For a taller gal, I think it would be a perfect fit!